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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by simplysteds, May 24, 2018.

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    Don't dodge the question.

    Do you or do you not know the official website of the gear you are trying to push?
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  2. Grozny

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    even if u dont sell their var all the rest of this brand is doubtful.
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  4. simplysteds

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    If it is that you feel excel pharma is doubtful then with the most respect you're entitled to your opinion. The overwhelming reality is (which many commenting and passing judgement fail to realise) that we offer far more than just merely excel pharma. Offering a variety of hgh from well renowned companies such as Norditropin (simplexx 10mg/1.5ml, Genotropin (12 mg pen phyizer) and Somatropin 100 iu jena pharm. Not to mention the peptides, Ai's, pct etc etc....
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    Please understand, members of Meso...

    We offer a huge variety of different products from different brands in categories ranging from; HGH and peptides, Injectables, Weight Loss & Fat Burners to pct products.

    If you feel that Excel is a brand you are not comfortable using then you are welcome to shop through our other brands or we hope to see you return when we launch our own brand of products which we will be offering at great rates with incentives for Meso members.

    It would not be fair on our many satisfied customers who use Excel products and have relied on our service for years, if we suddenly stopped stocking their favourite products.

    Have a look through page 3 and 4 of our shop to see what else we have to offer;

    As the famous saying goes;
    Different strokes for different folks.
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    Getting home from work and instant entertainment!!!! Love this shit.
  7. SimplySTDs, with all your years in business, surely you have a legion of faithful customers, many of which have done blood work. Where are they?
  8. simplysteds

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    Seeing as we do not sell our own branded products we have not made it a priority to collect blood work from our customers. This will be something we do plan to do prior to releasing our own branded products in the future and may be something we overlooked before we expanded our operations online.

    Thank you for your suggestion.
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    We're glad our thread brought you some enjoyment.
  10. You seriously might want to take down the Instagram famous fitness star off of your site. Your bound to get majorly fucked. Just helping :D
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    You're totally right haha, thanks for the advice.
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    You have by this one post labeled yourself as a shill and a gear whore at the same time. Nothing you say after this will ever be taken seriously in this community.
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    Things shouldn't be tested because of what a member thinks after they buy. Testing should be done before you sell a product to ensure proper dosing and the safety of your customers. This protects not only the.customers but your business as well.
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    Your post makes a lot of sense and we do agree. I admit that we overlooked the importance of testing the products we stock before expanding our business online.

    I will be speaking to the team about having our products tested in the near future, possibly around the time we release our own brand of products.

    Thank you for highlighting this.
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    just change the brand excel pharma sucks even their name is fucking stupid.
  16. Cramps88

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    You have told us over and over you do not sell excel var. But when I went to your website and looked at the beginner strength stack look what I saw.
    You are telling us this product is bunk and you don't sell it yet it's on the first page of your website in the beginner strength stack
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    I'm not sure why this company exists. To resell shit we don't want or can buy elsewhere for prices that we don't want to pay...awesome :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    You don’t have a team. Your a one man reselling pos.
    Everything you have claimed and said has been questioned, reviewed, and revised by a Meso member and you have retracted everything you have said and agreed with what the Meso memeber has said to alter your entire ‘business’ and outlook on the way you handle anything.
    You have no balls!
    You sell fake gear. a.k.a Anavar with 0mg of var.
    This is a joke.

    I’ll tell you what. I will level with you and give you the most important piece of advice anyone could give a person of your character.
    Read through this post and reflect on all the input the Meso meme era have given.
    Take a drive around town and let it sink in.
    Pull into your garage, close the garage door, and just sit there with your car running.
    Just sit there, take deep breaths and relax. After 10-15min or so it will all come together and we will all be better off.
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    The truth
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    Damn that is one savage post!