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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by simplysteds, May 24, 2018.

  1. Test_Subject

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    So on your website you have Bayer Dianabol.

    Bayer does not make dianabol... How does that work?

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  2. MindlessWork

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    Think you caught the rep in another lie :)

    This is getting better by the day with each new lab trying to slip into Fort Meso.
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  4. Cramps88

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    These sources must think we are all fucking stupid and are not going to fact check anything.
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  5. Grozny

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    Also u can see on their website Bayer Stanozolol but Bayer dont manufacture any stano.
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  6. JabbedUp

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    If you look at the description it says:

    “Please note this is a product of a UGL”
  7. Test_Subject

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    Kind of shifty to put the Bayer-Schering logo on it, no?

    I wouldn't buy from this source if you gave me the money to make an order for free.
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  8. JabbedUp

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    Neither would I, I was just pointing out the shady-ness of it.
  9. Cramps88

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    Buy using that logo they are purposely attempting to scam people Maki g them think it's pharma grade stuff to people who do not know any better. I see the Rep already ducked out of here.
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  10. simplysteds

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    We are aware that the Dbol mentioned is not a pharmaceutical grade product which is why we specified this in the description. We did not label or tag it as a Bayer product, and have since that it is a UGL product in the title.

    Please understand the packaging is done purely for marketing purposes and we can assure you that we've received positive feedback on the product itself which is why we have continued selling it.

    On the earliest opportunity we will remove the packaging from the listing photo and have a picture of the product alone to erase any further confusion.

    We aim to be transparent with our customers and will take the necessary steps to improve this over the coming days.

    Our aim is not to scam anyone and we pride ourselves on a 100% customer satisfaction rate. You will never see negative reviews about our service from a verified customer. We are not scammers.

    Please read the next post for the reason behind my short absence.
  11. simplysteds

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    Finally, thank you for the overwhelming number of orders over the weekend. My short absence from the forum was due to memorial weekend and the large influx of orders that came through.

    If anyone who placed an order is reading this we will begin dispatching them tomorrow now that memorial weekend has passed and you will receive a tracking code in your email with a URL to the Tracking website. Shipping usually takes 5-10 days but we have seen orders arrive within 4 days in the past. We are thinking of adding an option for Express Rush Delivery which would be $35 total, please let us know if this is something you'd like to see.

    You can be assured our products will always arrive on your doorstep thanks to the extra levels of stealth we add to our orders. However, just to be safe, we urge all customers to only check the tracking no more than twice in a single day to prevent throwing up any red flags with the postal service.
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  13. That's rule #1 in the sources handbook. "Always attempt to save face by mentioning a positive up turn in order volume, even when the true volume is zero."
  14. simplysteds

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    It definitely did catch me off guard (after the reception we received from people such as yourself within the thread) to receive so many orders from so many genuinely nice people.

    You can continue to bash us but I am confident that when those who did place orders receive and try our products over the next few weeks. They will post their reviews and future customers can order from us with total confidence.

    I have a long night ahead packing up the rest of these orders though

  15. Cityofgrit

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    RULE NUMBER TWO: Always deflect skepticism by continuing to talk about how many responses and orders you have to fill.. convincing people to ignore the many questionable items brought up by members and giving the false sense of a gtg with no real evidence.
  16. simplysteds

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    Rule #3 Ignore the cynics.
  17. Listen, Jack. i don't give a shit about your little operation here. You're an international source, i don't go abroad for my drugs, so i really don't care what you do here, as long as you don't scam or sell members dirty gear.

    If you got orders, more power to you. i hope everyone gets what they paid for. God help you if they don't.

    i haven't bashed you for those reasons in the first paragraph, but if you think you're going to pull some Naps shit here with a bootlicker discount, both you and the pathetic discount whores that post rave reviews with their first post will get bashed, and i'll be the one leading the charge.

    Until then, do what you gotta do and don't take such light hearted heckling as "the sources handbook" to heart.
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  18. simplysteds

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    Haha, I'm glad we're on the same page.

    I understand you're just looking out for fellow members, this place must see its fair share of scammers. I hope SimplySteds can build a reputation for being a trusted re seller that offers guaranteed, fast delivery on our orders because that's honestly all we are.
  19. picholas

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    Address this if you'd like to move forward here.
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  20. simplysteds

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    A simple and honest mistake and oversight on our part.

    The only Anavar we currently sell is Novark, unfortunately we do not have a picture of it because we didn't have it in stock when we got all our stock photographed and watermarked. So we used a picture of Excell's Anavar instead which we had an old tub of.

    I can assure you if anyone did purchase the Strength Stack we would've sent Novark's Anavar, not the Excell in the picture.

    I accept that this wasn't the right thing to do and will ensure all our pictures are truly representative of the product our customers will receive from here on out.

    I've also removed the strength stack from our website until we can get a picture of the Novark Anavar up on our site.