[SOURCE] Canadian Domestic Anabolics Introduction

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    This not something anyone should hope on anyone. It’s not even a comfortable topic to discuss.
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    But its a reality. Stay in long enough everyone gets busted at some point.

    If i can make$75k in a year and a half. And Im a complete fuck up. Imagine what Pareto is pulling down. Millions. Hes popular on every site.

    Yet he stays in...

    Im not saying it because thats what I want. No. Im on another forum with him with my new label. Sure Id love it if his market share became up for grabs but I dont wish anyone busted.

    Pareto does a lot of dirty tricks. I'll leave it at that. He appears squeaky clean...reality is something else. But when you have the most money you can buy the best help.
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    Man I really need to get some popcorn for this shit.

    Firstly dude you talk a big game but probably can’t back it. I’ve never seen anyone have this big of a hard on against another lab so what is it, did they have you working then fire you or is it that they are actually better then you and you are really really threatened by them? I’m only speaking as an outsider that’s enjoying the laughs but if they are actually the largest ugl in Canada that says they’ve been doing things right for a long time and will likely keep going plus now that you’ve opened your mouth so fucking big don’t you think every other lab out there will be coming for you if they do go down. Oh don’t worry I know your balls are bigger then your pea brain and you aren’t concerned at all but that just makes you look like a big douche then you already look. Also you talk so big “I brew for 3 labs” well guess what dick head if those labs have any concern for their own safety they’ll kick you to the curb and that’s if they are nice about it. You are the biggest idiot that’s been here in a while. Ah I get it you are the LE that you’re talking about aren’t you, come on be honest.
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    This has been well documented
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    You got off to a promising start...

    Paragraphs, punctuation, but it all proved too much for you in the end.

    Im just all talk man....yeah...holy fuck man. You completely exposed my soul...omg how did you know?

    Some things aren't for public consumption. Pareto has the best marketing team money can buy.

    His products are very good. But so are many others. He pays very well.
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    Yes. Thats why I did my first lab here. Free to post.

    Make money. Buy real lab equipment. Burn the lab. Start up later on at a new forum. Profit.

    This was my plan from the beginning. Learn here where it's free. As I say Im at least one other forum and Meso members have purchased from me unknowingly. As a lot do not change their names or avatars.

    I made my big mistakes here. As I knew I would. I'll always be grateful for that. I learned from them. Moved on.

    Goodbye Meso. Keep an eye out for the Pareto bust in late 2019 to early 2020.

    Signing off.

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    bye sweetie, we won't miss you
  8. Maybe you have insiders information about how Pareto (or other labs) are run. Problem is what you're posting is simply a tease. You're asking us to "believe" you with no proof.

    As far as I'm concerned, Pareto is big, but there are other labs around that are just as good. Any of them getting busted would be a huge hit (loss for us).

    The "public/hidden" rep you keep mentionning, I assume you're talking about @antihero. It's kind of funny, because he said that Genetec was sketchy behind the scenes (just like what you said regarding Pareto).

    So if Genetec, Pareto (and that includes Citadel) are sketchy, where am I supposed to get my oils ?! :'(
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    I think CNDA is just hyping this with no real proof or inside information. I think it’s basically an educated guess, based on Pareto’s popularity on the boards. LE is always on the lookout for low hanging fruit. I think most of the major labs got their OS plans intact I am sure.
    It would be easy to pick any well known lab and start a rumour like this.
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    @Millard Baker. This thread needs to be deleted immediately. This is shit that puts ugls at risk. This clown needs to be banned from this site and again this whole thread needs to disappear. This puts the safety of good people at risk
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    These comments or this thread needs to be deleted ASAP.

    This puts a lot of people at risk. This kind of rumour talk and threatening have no place here.

    Anyone affiliated with this thread or this board for that matter, is at risk when you start saying things like this.
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    Nobody moderates anything around here, it's an uncensored board.
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    3 million lol...You pull numbers out of your ass like the Donald.

    No single Canadian domestic lab in the history of the Canadian market has ever pulled 3 Million in revenue annually. And with new labs popping up hourly the revenue per lab is constantly under threat. Do you have the slightest idea of that volume per month? I thought you knew this business? Or just all talk.

    Also unless you delve into a drug addiction or pull a Doucette your fairly safe. Stay away from purchasing things like Audi R8s...you know flashy toys that gain attention and envy. you should do just fine.
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    Well I guess my request will go unanswered then lol. Thanks for the reply nonetheless.
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    Of course, freedom of speech is a huge reason this board is amazing, but there are downsides as well.
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    Well, I am chiming in on this one for the record, since due to unforeseen circumstances, I was hospitalized.

    I honestly wanted this lab to succeed, seemed genuine in the beginning. (paid testing, which steve had to fight hard to get his refund back and especially for custom brews benefit)

    I made a pretty big sized order for one of his promos... laid it out nicely for him, he agreed and then what he sent me wasn't totally accurate. (I got an order that was missing orals, and extra of some vials and none of the other one)

    I emailed him and what I got from the tune of it that I was expecting free things... (originally, he agreed to have my free items from the promo to be the higher concentration, which I didnt get and got the lower concentration item, instead, despite agreeing and approved to it, before sending the money.)

    He missed an ORAL. I emailed him about it and then he said he would reship, then I followed up with a email a few weeks later, no communications back after not receiving ANYTHING.

    Now, this was before the tests where in when it was discovered it was underdosed.

    I took the WINSTROL, DID NOTHING. I was overdosing and triple dosing for almost 2 weeks, and just decided to get some other UGL WINSTROL which after a week started to dry out.

    Now I have a crap load of this labs stuff that are probably going straight to the dump.
    T400 -original underdosed by 65%/400g
    Winny -felt just like sugar pills

    QUALITY: -10
    T/A: -10

    All these are going straight to the garbage.
    I have since considered this as a lost after the BA/BB mixup and underdosing and the order being all screwed up when it was laid perfectly for him (can't read, cant follow recipe...)

    This would present danger to oneself putting something from a potential bathtub and brewer whom can't read an order form and follow through with it or brewing something which he can't read the bottle or follow a recipe.
    Not bothering going to put any of the unused vials into my body.
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    Thanks for sharing this info. This lab came out of the gate hard but quickly faded away into obscurity with the dozens of other failed labs. I too had high hopes for this Canadian lab to succeed. He talked a good game at first but ultimately could not deliver on commitment.
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    Indeed, but talk was cheap.
    was hoping he'd eventually brew TnT that was low t hi tren.
    I feel sorry for the 3 other labs he claims he is brewing for....

    Stuck with a load of Tren a80 and testp and nothing is worth such a high chance of infection for.