[SOURCE] Canadian Domestic Anabolics Introduction

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    Oh wow another tough guy...Im scared...omg.

    I see that you hold true to the musclehead stereotype.








    Steve84 said shit about me. I have proof proving otherwise. So its ok when he lies about me but its not ok when I post proof Im right? Hes so scared of being proven wrong that he fucked off out the thread. I didnt keep all our emails just the ones to do with the refund. When i say his info Im talking about his email address etc. All others are long gone.

    I never posted anything. I asked if I can post it. I also said Id never post anything with info on it.

    So please show us all where I doxed anyone or ratted anyone out. Im waiting.

    Dont threaten me either. Do it. Do something other than play with yourself. I have 3 shippers at least. 3 labels I brew for. You dont even know who else I brew for...yet we're lead to believe you can find me.

  2. CDNDA

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    This guy isnt me. Look at how terrible his spelling and grammar is. Look at the sentence structure.

    I'd never lower myself by doing that. I'm educated. I'm far too arrogant to allow myself to appear stupid as this person has done.

    If you truly feel that is me then you're attention to detail is not so good.
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    Ok. Getting lots of questions.

    DNP = Crystal 100mg and 50mg caps 50 ct.

    Hgh = Eli Lily

    tren A = mct carrier 100mg/ ml $70

    Any other questions to


    Thank you guys.
  4. 3ml

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    Dude didn’t you hear!!!
    Pareto is 4009.6 % better than pharma
    Every lab here is shutting down they can’t compete
  5. Softwell

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    Don't forget RippedCanadian@runbox.com a Rep for Innovagen, quality is good as I'm sure some can attest to, a tad expensive, but probably one of the longest standing labs out there, with an extensive list
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    Hey douche bag! you wont believe it, I thought I erased your emails, but for whatever reason kept all the sent ones with timelines and stupid silly responses incld the ONE time you asked for my bitcoin addy and I said no dont have one.

    So, why dont you send me the 150 you scammed me with and if you dont wanna send cash I want you to send it to a trusted member on here who has a bticoin addy and they can keep it.
    So what do you say? I feel like you have refunded me then.

    I so want to cut and paste your shit and your invalid TN# you gave me.
  7. Cownan

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    I'm sure you're just getting flooded by meso people looking to buy all that quality gear of yours :rolleyes:

    Why did you even bother coming back? Isn't your ass sore enough from all the fucking it got the last time you were here?
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  8. Cownan

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    You'll never get the money back. But feel free to ride his ass until he goes back down his hole again
  9. CDNDA

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    I shipped your order. After arriving you claimed you never got it.

    You demanded a refund. I agreed to get rid of you even though I knew you were scamming me.

    I repeatedly asked you for a btc address. You either ignored the emails or refused.

    Now a year later you decide you want a refund....

    If you want to place an order Ill give you a discount.

    Thats what Ill do for you.

    I suggest you leave well enough alone.

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    This is not me either.
  11. CDNDA

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    Like it or not people will always buy from me. I offer a quality product using only the best sourced components.

    Plus legit human hgh from Eli Lilly. I make more from the Gh than anything else.

    Feel free to email me at


    For pharma Gh.
  12. You're a real class act. Only a fool would deal with you after reading this statement.
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    He edited that part out lol. Good job snagging that bit before he ran damage control.
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  14. Too bad i quoted it before he realized making a veiled threat would be bad for business and his ability to source here.

    i'm sure Millard can still see the unedited version with his admin controls.
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    If he does actually brew for other labs as claimed, I doubt that they'd appreciate him threatening to use personal customer information against them...

    That kind of thing kills sources.
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    @CDNDA your threats to customers proves you're a real scumbag loser! Good riddance junkie...
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  17. Riz

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    Wow what a way to reinvent yourself.

    Take a whole year off and you come back threatening potential customers who are trusting you with their personal information.

    You really are a degenerate piece of shit.

    You offer quality using only the best sourced components? Is this the same place where you sourced your under dosed tren A, T400, and NPP?

    You're such a clown it's comical. Do us a favour and go back into the hole you crawled out of.
  18. CDNDA

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    He threatened me in his first post. But thats cool. Blatant double standard. Can you say hypocrisy?

    So he outright threatened me with violence. Not a peep from you clowns.

    I merely hint that he should leave me alone and you all go crazy.

    I dont know how you grew up but if someone tells me theyre going to kill me. I believe they are going to try and kill me. Its not a joke to me. I have every right to defend myself.

    This clown chipper blatantky reverse scammed me then blackmailed me to pay him so he gets gear and money. You all say nothing about it.

    Sorry but Idgaf what you say as you all have zero credibility. If you arent going to apply the rules equally to everyone then youve lost credibility.

    Ill be gone again soon enough. As soon as Ive gathered enough new clients. Almost there. Another week or so. Maybe less.

    You all drastically underestimate the amount of people who want real pharma gh...

    Buh bye
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  19. CDNDA

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    What does his threats to me tell you?
  20. CDNDA

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    Dont threaten me. Nothing to worry about. Simple. You never fuck with someone who has a dominant position over you.

    Id never do anything with someone's info. Im not a rat. Regardless of what you all like to believe.

    Chipper could find me. Hospitalize me and Id still never talk to the cops. Ive done way too much time down below for that.
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