[SOURCE] Canadian Domestic Anabolics Introduction

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by CDNDA, Jul 18, 2017.

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    Labs on here already have Pharma HGH what the fuck are you smoking fam
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    Millenials sound so stupid speaking like that. The lack of proper education is shocking.

    Do yourself a favor and go back to school. Sheesh.

    I havent decided whether your daddy slapped you too much or not enough. Nah, I got it....your daddy left you guys and you were raised by your mother. Your mom had to work hard while raising 3 kids on her own.

    Cue the above jackass telling me hes highly educated...yeah sure you are...everyine onlibe is a PhD. A millionaire and is going out with a supermodel.
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    Your chance to join my list is starting to close. The spots are filling up.

    With me you can expect a private, professional relationship. Shippers in every part of the country. Quick service. Personal service. Secure service. All emails deleted once youre happy with product.

    For a list or any questions you may have.
  4. He's a member, not a source. Unless you've forgotten, members get the benefit of the doubt over sources. How did you even make it through the vetting process the first time around?

    You claim to be professional, act it. You're digging your own grave with the stupid flame wars that you can't stop yourself from replying to.

    Sourcing here isn't rocket science, not sure why it's so hard for you and the many that have come before you.
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    Posting your email in every comment, and mentioning "spots are filling up quick" doesn't help. No one wants you here, and if it's a "sale tactic" telling us your space is limited, it's not working. Go away, you embarrassed yourself already not even knowing how to brew lol. You claim your "professional" yet you can't even refund a client of yours 100%, you refunded Steve84 50%. You make bold statements claiming it costs Pareto 1$ to make a bottle of test, yet you lack professionalism, not even offering your own clients a full refund. You yourself are a hypocrite, at least we pay a higher price with the peace of mind knowing that were getting what we paid for. You come here and bash member's who are swinging at you, doesn't really help your situation.

    As for you getting Pharma GH, good for you. Not hard to get your hands on these days, almost every lab carries Pharma HGH options. Pareto's rep has Blacktops (which have been tested pure) at a fraction of the price you probably even charge, and the other rep offers EMD Serono Serostim's. So chill out, stop trying to insult every member because they don't want your shit gear. Maybe be professional like you so boldly stated you are, and post some blood's done from a client, and maybe start ground up.
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    We have a real professional source here! For all you newbs who want to get jacked and then treated like shit make sure to buy from this drip dick here. He shows his true colours by lashing out like this.

    The utmost in customer service!!
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    Waaaay too late for this. There is no bottom for him. Unless it's for his boyfriend The lies, insults, lashing out, and shit gear has buried him already. Now he's just backed to get kicked more while he's down
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    You piece of shit, calling me out you dumb fucking hick.
    I didn't receive shit from you and all you did is take my money, played radio silence to my emails and took my money. I'll post the emails, but wont make a difference.
    I hope you get caught, slip and fall on your fake ass and become broke you drug addict.

    Stop making shit up you piece if shit.

    Your a clown.

    Wait - do you still carry real GH? I have bitcoin addy now, send me a PM, I'm really interested. GTFOOH
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    Lol. Ohh...hes angry...watch out...tool.

    Pareto has more than one account. He has a normal member account here too. Posts semi regularly. Almost never in the Pareto thread. But he's allowed multiple accounts. I also have the undercover Pareto rep member names. But Im lying right?
    If Pareto or his agents read this they know Im not.

    Wont be long before he gets busted. You heard it here first. 2019 to early 2020 Pareto will be busted. You heard it here first.
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    What exactly do you mean by your statement that Pareto will be busted? That is a very bold statement to make.
  11. CDNDA

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    Essentially this. I abandoned this label long ago.

    I truly did fix things but it was way too late as above poster mentioned. Too much shit had went down by then. I did get new raws. I changed to mct. I got new equipment to brew. But too late. I started this thing on a shoestring. Basically i was a homebrewer who slapped a label on it when i started.

    Im back for my own amusement more than anything else. I know Ill get people pissed off just by being here. So. There you go.

    I dont blame ppl for being pissed at me. Im a jerk. I know this. Im the same in real life. An asshole to everybody basically. Lol.
  12. CDNDA

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    I think my post speaks for itself.

    You know how he operates. How hard do you figure it is to find out who he is?

    Who is LE more likely to spend resources to bust? A big fish who has $3 million a year in sales or a guy who has $50k in sales?

    Remember Kayne?

    A steroid bust in Canada means almost nothing. No prison time or very little. No big deal.
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  13. EazyE

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    Well, I sure hope you are wrong. I wish no ill will on anyone and sources getting busted is not good for the industry or its customers.
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  14. CDNDA

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    I agree with you. I dont want anyone busted. Its just a feeling i have. Its been a while since Kanye and Mission went down.

    LE is due for a bust.

    Pareto is at the top of the food chain in Canada. One of if not the biggest source in this country. If youre LE and looking to bust a lab. It only makes sense to go for a big one.
  15. WCL

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    So it is Pareto’s fault you failed at your venture, and you have inside information they will be busted.

    Best source of 2018-19 right here
  16. EazyE

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    You mention Pareto at $3M in annual sales...how do you know? Or is that just a guess/random comment?
  17. CDNDA

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    Nope. My mistakes are my own. I havent sourced under this label in ages. I was posting that I was still sourcing as cdnda to entertain myself as I knew people would take the bait.

    And it worked.

    If you can read. I am warning Pareto. If he's smart he will move shop to a new location. LE will need a new warrant etc. Buy him more time. The bust is coming. Up to LE as to when they have enough to make their case.

    Believe me. Dont believe me. No one is too big to go down. Kayne. Mission. At the time they were both very big.
  18. CDNDA

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    Ive provided all the info I am prepared to.

    Ive warned Pareto. Its up to him to protect himself further. Nothing more I can do.

    Hes likely going down regardless at this point. But perhaps he can delay it. Get more money out of the country.
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    Your mom
  20. Test_Subject

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    Mission got busted because he got sloppy and got involved with a druggy murder suspect and ordered a pill press straight from the manufacturer.

    Bad example.
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