[Source] GODTROPIN--HGH promo: satisfaction guaranteed or refund

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by godt240, Jul 17, 2018.

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    Yea, be patient. Lol. To soon. 5 days ain’t shit.
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    Hey, I'm from another forum and came here for a vetted hgh source and was wondering if I can still get on the 2 kit deal for $360. Let me know as I really want to give your stuff a shot.
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    Probably best to email him. He doesn't check in too often and you might get him quicker that way. Hopefully he'll hook you up.
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    @godt240 what is your analytical testing reimbursement policy?

    Who do you accept testing through?

    How much do you reimburse?
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  5. It took from 7/31-8/8 for the tracking to change from processing to united states.
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  6. Jn2k2

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    Thanks brother. Have you had experience with this brand in the past?
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  7. Not yet test look g2g. Illl draw bloods after running them.
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  8. Iron Vett

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    Received a promo kit recently. 11 days from confirmation of receipt of payment to delivery. Nice TA for international
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  9. godt240

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    we always guarantee reship if its stuck in the customs
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  10. godt240

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    according the analysis. u can send one random vial to any trusted lab in the world for the test.
    the price should be less than 300$
    i reimburse with gh
  11. Touchdown
  12. Anyone experienced the puck not staying seated in the bottom of the bottle. All of my kits have but not Godtropin. They move if the bottle is turned upside down.
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  13. ItsDaBoii

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    My godtropin kits stay at the bottom
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  14. I’m not sure why but mine don’t. Makes me wonder if the vacuum in the bottle is holding. I won’t be running these for a minute. I’ll post a pic when I get to the house.
  15. ItsDaBoii

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    Does it really matter ?
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  16. Not sure. That’s why I mentioned it. If not disregard.
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  17. Trena100

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    It doesn’t matter I’ve had meditropes that move and have enough vacuum to pull the whole 1ml I was putting in them.
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  18. godt240

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    it doesn't matter at all
  19. TNotch347

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    Anyone running there kits yet? Curious how you guys are doing on them. Dosing etc.
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  20. I'm starting them in 3 days with a friend.

    Will post baselines and afters in about 1 month m.

    Let's see how my IGF1 looks
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