[Source] GODTROPIN--HGH promo: satisfaction guaranteed or refund

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by godt240, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. puckhog

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    I don’t understand why people keep buying godtropin. Red welts are a problem and have been since product launch. There are better sources of GH out there. Higher purity and no reports of welting. This board is about harm reduction, so I have to say something.
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  2. Silentlemon1011

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    How long did it take for pain and swelling to appear.

    I cut my Mauve run short yesterday and did my first pin for Godtropin this AM
    Was curious and wanted to see if I could chime in.l on these issues a few members were having.

    No problems thus far.
    I also picked it up during the promotion
    Pinned 2.5 IU,
    Reconstituted at 2.4ml of Bacterio static water.
    Pinned 0600
    Fasted Cardio at 0700 for 20 mins, low intensity
    Ate 0800
  3. Masterofron

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    Fucking lol.... I’ll summarize godtropin for those who are skeptical about him or are unfamiliar with him-

    “Good deal, leave honest review for better deal next time buy. Eroids over 5000 honest review and feedback. Ok u email for sale buy two or money back, blood test on eroids over 5000 review with @janoshik honest feedback by testing. Ok if welt occur then normal reaction, honest review redwelt I send new kit. U get welt it ok means product strong, email if welt for buy two get one deal. Honest review pls”
  4. Masterofron

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    Because good deal if honest review, buy two get deal. welt OK.
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  5. Masterofron

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  6. gearwolf

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    honest question then: which sources offer the same or better prices shipped to the EU? I couldn't find any, nor have any of the 5 people I know personally using it gotten any red welts, but somehow the vocal minority here is adamant that it happens to everyone.

    I do agree that the above website picture and the obvious language barrier apparent in his responses are hilarious
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  7. Tiredandhot

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    For the deal he offered meso a month ago, you really can't find better deals other than TP maybe. Not everyone gets welts, had I not been stocked up, I would have bought a 240iu kit. Truth is for him to offer refund is pretty good considering he doesn't have to.
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  8. Masterofron

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    Hey man I gotta keep things somewhat humorous when I’m slandering a source. Then again, any thread related to godtropin is usually humorous just on its own.
  9. janoshik

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  10. Masterofron

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    Nobody is fucking taking my belly button, especially not godtropin. I don’t know what he means by that or what he means when he says anything, but I do know that it would be in his best interest to hire one of those LMC chicks as a rep. With better English we could at least take his business somewhat serious.
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  11. biggerben69

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    I understand they are different compounds(gh & aas) but gh may help other conditions than what it is approved for but because of the propaganda and bad press it gets from our Gov't/LE it is strictly overseen by the feds and is against the law for Dr's to prescribe it for off label use.
    Back in the 80's Nandrolone(decadurabolin) was used to treat rotator cuff injuries to and to speed healing.
    Once the steroid act was passed and the gov't officially demonized gear that came to a stop.
    Again, I'm not saying gh would or would not help with the back issues that were discussed here.
    I do know a couple of guys who won't go under the knife for orthroscopic type surgeries and other surgeries to help repair injuries without being able to run gh on a homemade protocol of their own.
  12. Silentlemon1011

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    Pharmaceuticals dont make money by helping people get better by self medication.
    It is not in their interests for you to maintain a healthy active lifestyle.
    I agree 100%
    LE and gov't are typically not to be trusted.
    GH has shown such great promise for a wide variety or ailments.
    Is it the fountain of youth like some witch doctors are claiming... abviously not.
    It has certainly helped people I know live a better qaulity of life.
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  13. Gently....Take your bellybutton...
  14. sinasha

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    4iu for 4 weeks
    this is blood test

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  15. godt240

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    1. around 100 kits sold here per month, around 300 kits sold on eroids on meso, since this year, how many members report red welt ,except troll ? and even pharma gh shows that red welt is common side effect.

    2,more than 6 lab analysis from @janoshik from different batch different clients. several lab analysis from SIMEC. hundreds of blood tests on my gh, did u find any brand gets so many tests ?

    3, since 5 years, we have more than 800 reviews, did u find any gh source has so many reviews ? godt240.com reviews 2019. Is godt240.com scam, fake or legit steroid source?

    4, current batch is tested 264iu, promo is 160$, did u find any source offer better deal ?

    5, i encourage all clients to do tests, and i pay the lab fees, does any other gh source offer better deal ?

    6, i give full refund if any client is not satisfied with the product. does any other gh source offer this ?

    7, does poor english affect the quality of gh ? do u speak chinese ?

    just be a little bit fair and be a little bit man, u would look amazing.
    thanks for understanding
    best regard
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  16. biggerben69

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    Hey, I understand that it can be frustrating having to deal with unhappy customers even if they are few and far between as you claim them to be.
    Its looking like its even more frustrating for you to try and contain yourself and not tell us how you really feel.
    I gotta tell you....I'd rather you come right out and call me a stupid fuck than to come at me with some passive aggressive shit that just isn't working. That last sentence would have me dropping the gloves and bringing that little piece of manhood your looking for me to show.
    Humility and patience lost in translation, perhaps? Don't think so. I don't know who your responding to and I'm nobody's mouthpiece...but I do feel a sense of comradery with my fellow members so I feel perfectly comfortable in telling you to kindly fuck yourself.

    PS..if you're gonna call someone out, its a good idea to quote or tag the member your talking slick to. It may have kept the pistol in my holster and prevented the drive by.
  17. Klimmzugernie

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    i am very interested in god tropin as well. Honestly i was concerned due to the red welt issue... but if you would do a simple google search for side effects like that (red welt) with pharma grade stuff e.g. Genotropin from Pfizer you can read a lot of red welt reports from customers (guys who need that drug.. no doping guys).
    Furthermore you can read the red welt side effect on each GH instruction leaflet for instance: https://www.pfizer.de/fileadmin/produktdatenbank/pdf/014373.pdf this is in german language... but if you use google i am pretty sure you will find the leaflet in your language.

    To make a long story short this topic of red welts seems to be a known side effect of GH injections independ from pharma grade or ulabs.
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  18. TNotch347

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    There’s so many variables to who and how we get red welts, if ever we get them. Everytime I read one of those articles it’s all I ever get out of it.
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  19. Joe Zanni

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    Dude go sell your snake oil in china keeping calling me a fucking troll your a piece of shit and your product is hurting people.. if they cant figure this out by hearing the truth there on there own.. you should be banned I dont hear of any other sponsor having these issues.
  20. shafidazeh

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    just show your golf ball and fuck up his business.
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