[Source] GODTROPIN--HGH promo: satisfaction guaranteed or refund

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by godt240, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. Joe Zanni

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    I would show my left nut but after a cycle like a raisin lol..
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  2. godt240

    godt240 Member

    i asked u many times to show us the golf ball, and your order info, u never replied.

    google ' red welt gh', got more than 6,000,000 results, u never hear any other sponsor having these issues. ridiculous.

    i have no time to deal with the troll, sorry .
  3. gearwolf

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    brain like a raisin as well, poor baby
  4. Silentlemon1011

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    Wow man,
    The majority of your first page of post history is just defending Godtropin.

    1) It makes you look bad
    2) Makes @godt240 look bad

    Sources can defend themselves without your help.
    If there are reports of red welts and problems, the members here have the right to bring up problems.

    If they are unsubstantiated, then it will be revealed.
    If the issues are legit then it should be brought out into the light.
    I've been running this stuff for 3 days (wanted to see if I got the same symptoms), No PIP swelling, redness etc.

    Maybe a different batch?
    Maybe these guys reacted badly.
    Who knows?
    Not you
    These guys have a beef and last time I checked, this isnt SST or Eroids, these guys can hate on a source as much as they want.
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  5. ItsDaBoii

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    Yeah i agree with you but this guy starts getting annoying with his claims...
  6. Silentlemon1011

    Silentlemon1011 Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    I hear ya
    That's your opinion bro, all good.
    I'm not calling you out or targeting you in any way.
    Your post history and comments dont entirely consist of only defending Godtropin.. with no other contributions or comments anywhere on the board... other than praising sources and hating on members.
    You're all good in my books! :)
  7. ItsDaBoii

    ItsDaBoii Member

    Im praising sources and hating on members ? Sry man i just dont like when people bash sources without any proof whatsoever... if you get an infection post a pic, if you dont "feel" your Test cycle get bloodwork done. And im definitely not praising sources lol, just sharing my experience with godtropin here
  8. Silentlemon1011

    Silentlemon1011 Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    You've got me all wrong buddy.
    Not hating on you at all.
    I was specifically going after the other dude.
    No issues with the way you roll bro.

    Sharing experiences are what we are all about.
    I havnt had s problem with Godtropin either.
    No PIP, no welts, no red... nothing.

    I just switched (4 days now) from Mauves. and I've had no changes in my swollen hands, slight CT and fucking awesome sleep.
    So the shit works for me lol.

    It just pisses me off when the other guy ( Gearwolf or Gearfox or some shit) just lives in this channel and hates on everything who isnt the source.
    This is a harm prevention board.. not a source board
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  9. gearwolf

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    It's also not a crybaby board where people should get away crying wolf or rather "omg I got welts this source is a scammer all their gear is trash!!!", which is as wrong as "source is better than pharma quality any welts are due to reusing heroin needles for gh injections".

    some get welts, some do not. let's investigate the cause rationally instead of posting in swears and slurs like the usual retarded mesoteen fucktard or midlife crisis angry balding man.
  10. TNotch347

    TNotch347 Member

    Heroine needles....where we going with this now? Jeeeezuss y’all need Jesus. Lmao all sarcasm since it’s hard to read and all. @Savagesteve lol
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  11. ItsDaBoii

    ItsDaBoii Member

    Oh damn mate im sry, i fuked up on that one !
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  12. godt240

    godt240 Member

    i run that special promo just to collect honest experiences and feedbacks, i would love to pay the lab fees if the clients run blood tests.
    its good for the board
    i always guarantee full refund if any clients get any problem with stuff.
    but someone keeps bashing the source without any proof,mislead the members, didn't wanna contact me for refund, is it allowed, meanwhile the real client who run my gh defends the source against the troll, is it not allowed.
    everyone hopes the source provide the best quality stuff with best price, meanwhile the source deserves all this shit.
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  13. Trena100

    Trena100 Member

    I’ve been running them for a few days now and don’t have any welts from it
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  14. Steve84

    Steve84 Member

    I've actually kept quiet that I ran GODT.

    My experience was bad. I've never experienced red welts like that. Makes me swear something would be wrong. I tried mixing it 50/50 with other GH. But in the end I couldn't tolerate my belly sore.

    But what I will say is I got a full refund. I didnt check to see if it was dollar for dollar equal etc etc
    But he looked after me. Which I have to say wasn't a huge fight.
    I attempted a few times to make it work in different ways.
    But I feel like it was nothing lost and all positive.

    Makes me almost sad seeing people don't have problems because I can't run it.

    Sooo maybe he has higher than normal issues, but he was good to deal with.
  15. godt240

    godt240 Member

    i try my best to keep high quality stuff with good price.
    and i always guarantee full refund if anyone gets red welt or bad result on test.
    if u get any problem, just post it here, share your bad experience, i really appreciate it, it would help me improve the quality and service
  16. biggerben69

    biggerben69 Member

    I agree that some of the posts complaining of the welts or any other complaints may be exaggerated or even made up. However, its been my observation over the years doing this forum thing that its only because of the very real complaints, and in with this product an inordinate # of complaints about red welts, that the fake or exaggerated posts are seen. A chance for loners or reverse scammers to do their thing.
    That isn't and shouldn't be a reason to help give a source credibility or to lessen the expectations we have for the company or this source to do what he can to remedy those with legit issues and to put pressure on the manufacturer to improve the product.
    The bullshit complaints and reverse scamming is the cost of doing business on a board with fees. He can take his show to a paid source board and have moderator controls over his thread and delete posts if he doesn't like it.
    Lastly, I've been using Serostim since 2005 and know too many others to count that are also running seros. I can honestly say that I don't remember a single report of these welts, though I do agree that they are listed as a potential side effect.
    Also, just because I haven't read reports of red welts doesn't mean they aren't happening to someone somewhere.
    Conversely, if any US pharmaceutical gh had the number of reports of red welts that this godtropin has it would never have gotten approval.
    If the reports came after approval and in the # this product is receiving there would be a recall and investigation to find out the cause.

    This vendor has put in too many hours and has worked to hard to get sales to where they are now for me to feel comfortable and to believe that his opinion is unbiased.
    If the reason for the welts came to light and he was the only person with the answer and the answer was such that a complete overhaul of the product was necessary and the right and safe thing to do was recall all kits and quit selling the product...he would take that reason and truth to the grave.
    He is NOT on our side. He is loyal to the almighty dollar. To believe otherwise is an immature position to take most likely with self serving implications. I'm not saying its happening here, but sources have been known to reward fans or cheerleaders who make posts in response to posts that put their products in a less than favorable light.
    The posts take pressure off the source and room to breath. On other boards he has to pay in advance for that kind of help.

    There is without question more complaints about red welts with godtropin than we see with any other generic gh...and lets not forget..thats what godtropin is regardless of what this source or anyone else praising this product says. To say differently is irresponsible and a lie.
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  17. Blakeyy

    Blakeyy Member

    same boat here trying everything to try to run it cause its annoying other people can run it welt free lol got so much of it that cant seem to use.Just doesn't seem to be agreeing with me. But he has been good to deal with so far.
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  18. TNotch347

    TNotch347 Member

    First pin in, I’ll keep ya guys posted. See how I react. 2iu subq
  19. Masterofron

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    Ok thnk u pls do honest feedback for us soon
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  20. Omegistosalex

    Omegistosalex Member

    Just started today on the hgh he sold on the promo, so far communication was good and delivery took around 10 days to Europe.
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