[Source] GODTROPIN--HGH promo: satisfaction guaranteed or refund

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by godt240, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. gearwolf

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    Thanks for the no BS answer, that's respectable.
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  2. DeeCee

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    I spent hours reading through this thread trying to just get an idea of the product. I thought it would be helpful to put in a quick summary for other members so they might have to.

    I'm sorry it offended you so badly. I cantc help but wonder if the review came out a little more positive for the source if your reaction would've been the same. Either way I'm new here just figuring it out.
  3. bebeav

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    First pin yesterday with promo kit, reconstitute with 2.4ml bac, vacuum was present, kinda weird when it's the first time seeing this.
    Did a 2iu shot and everything is ok. Second shot this morning was ok too.
    First time using hgh so can't comment on anything else yet.
    Communication and shipping was good
  4. movingiron88

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    Friendly advice if you arent aware, push 3ml of air into vial before you reconstitute it to eliminate the vacuum. This way you can easily let the bac water drip down the inside of the vial rather then blasting the puck with it.
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  5. Tiredandhot

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    @godt240 , do you have any recent testing reports on your promo batch?
  6. TNotch347

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    There was 2 tests done that I know of. 97% pure 26iu. The other was 97% just over 24%
  7. bebeav

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    Thx pretty good advice, i found it was kind of brutal for the hormone, but didn't think about injecting air before, will do with my next vials.
  8. Blakeyy

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    Any One know why the royal mail would say this?. godt send me a address that has requested to the royal mail they dont want any deliveries. But he asked me to send it back with this address would of been delivered today if they didnt put it in retention and could of hopefully got my refund.

    Tracking no. J

    We're holding this item at Golders Green DO. We’ve received a request not to deliver mail to the property your item is addressed to today. We'll attempt delivery as per the instructions we’ve received, which is usually on the next working day.
  9. TNotch347

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    Maybe they only accept incoming M-F ? First thing that popped in my head..
  10. godt240

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    today its Saturday, the stock in uk is closed during weekend, so the post office will delivery Monday.
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    why so specific here? This could’ve easily been solved with a pm or email...

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    Dirty laundry!!
  13. Pong

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    I godt,
    I’m waiting your pm
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    You have UK stock?
  15. godt240

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    yes,but very little stock. and i pay more shipping cost and worker fees etc for the europe domestic shipment
    the promo on meso is very special, no profit. i ship from hongkong, just a little bit long,but always guarantee reship
  16. godt240

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    honest reviews are much appreciated
    best regard
  17. TNotch347

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    Couple weeks in and I am having a good experience with it, common sides are there.. no welts or anything like that. So far so good.
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  18. godt240

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    thanks for sharing your experience
    really appreciate it
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  19. TNotch347

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    Fingernail growth is that a thing with gh cause shit, grows quick but grows thick to.
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  20. Tiredandhot

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    People have said it along with hair grow faster. I personally haven't noticed it.
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