[Source] GODTROPIN--HGH promo: satisfaction guaranteed or refund

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  1. godt240

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    hair grow fast as well, but its not easy to notice, lol
  2. godt240

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    special promo on meso:
    200$ per kit
    payment: paypal, btc,WU etc
    satisfaction guaranteed or refund
    i will pay the lab fees if the client runs the blood test.
    PM for the promo pls
    best regard
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  3. movingiron88

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    I'm 3/4 if the way into my first kit. The vial I reconstituted yesterday had no vacuum. Besides for this, everything has been smooth. Any reason for loss of vacuum within the same kit?
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  4. godt240

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    some vials lost vacuum, but it doest effect the quality, all is fine
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  5. godt240

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    special promo on meso:
    200$ per kit
    payment: paypal, btc,WU etc
    satisfaction guaranteed or refund
    i will pay the lab fees if the client runs the blood test.
    PM for the promo pls
    best regard
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    Still on godt, I think I’m 3 or 4 vials in. 3iu in am which in 2 weeks will be upto 4iu split. Before I do that I will have igf to show.. then goto split dose for the remainder and compare. Shit is working for me... still no welts, redness, soreness etc. it’s doing it’s job based on sides anyway..bloods will determine it all. nothing noticeable yet as far as gains go. I do take pure blood and metformin as well. I’ll keep ya posted.
  7. Silentlemon1011

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    Blood work for @godt240
    Baseline IGF was 193.
    This test is NOT mine.
    My bro @Human_backhoe is fucking BTC and Opsec illiterate, so I grab all the gear (lazy bastard)

    This is off 2iu Per day, first thing in the AM
    Blood was drawn 4 hours after subq injection.
    This is 6 weeks into his wellness cycle of HGH (Will continue for the a total of 6 months)

    I'll post my bloodwork when I get it in 2 or 3 weeks
    (mid cycle bloodwork)
    I'm currently on 4iu Split am/PM of Godtropin.

    I'm not an HGH guru, but that seems like a decent increase from baseline.

    Godtropin is repaying for bloodwork, so I'll be grabbing another kit.
    I'm pretty satisfied.
    I wont push it an ask for another credit for my.own bloods...
    But it will be nice for some guys to see IGF1 from 4iu split as well.

    (Also, I know lifelabs address is still visible. that is lifelabs Canada head office... not the location bloods were drawn, just wanted to show legitimacy of the service provider
    Yo @Tiredandhot ... posted up.

    20191009_172509.jpg )
  8. Human_backhoe

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    I feel great on it for wellness. It would be even better if you didn't fucking steal 2iu morning and night every time you are up here! Plus stealing my gear for current cycle. Even as a programmer I am functionality computer illiterate but at least I'm not a gear who're lol!
  9. Silentlemon1011

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    Once again
    dont leave your gear out in the open and I wont pin it.
    You have no one but yourself to blame
    Shame on you
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    I hope you accidentally find the prop next time cunt
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  11. godt240

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    thanks for your blood test
  12. Omegistosalex

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    How many kits can i get with this promo?
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  13. godt240

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    u can take multi kits for this promo
  14. Dinitrotest

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    Does this include shipping? Whats the current IU per kit on this batch?

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  15. godt240

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    shipping cost is 30$ per order
    current batch is 250iu
  16. gearwolf

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    so it's 250iu (10x25iu) instead of the old 240iu?
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  17. Elistheman

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    Is the promo still going? Do you have Wicker?
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  18. godt240

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    yes, real dose is 25iu per vial
  19. godt240

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    yes, still going. u can go to godt240.com, make an order by email or pm
  20. Koyan

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    Hey bro,

    I've ordered several times from you, always been very happy with the service and the product.
    But this time the package didn't arrive. I sent you several emails with proof from the local post office. Can you check your email and respond please? Thanks!
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