[SOURCE] Pharmaceutical Grade Anabolics (PGANABOLICS) CANADA DOMESTIC + USA/NT

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by CanadaHumanGrade, Aug 17, 2018.

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    Thank you Millard. I just want you to know that it is a pleasure to be a member of your forum.
  2. 3ml

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    Wow 18 handles
    Well wonder how long before some new jr members show up to sing praise
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  3. Finally!! Glad these clowns are gone.
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    What a work this guy put into it, it took me a year to get just 10 approved!


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  7. I was tagged by PGA (aka HPT4 aka Wod) no less than 26 times in this thread, this wknd alone. I hope this dies a quick death.

    Where on earth did he find the time to log in here so much? I can only guess that his failing business and steadily decreasing sales and customer base provided him ample time to troll this thread.

    Anyway, just a words of thanks to Millard. And thanks to the community for the continued support - particularly those members who aren't even Canadian or have any affiliation with me.
  8. It's over...
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    I just want to say that I recently ordered 30 instagram likes from PGA and he delivered over 40 in less than 2 days, way more instagram likes than I've ever received from any other source.

    Super stoked to finally have a source that goes above and beyond, no one puts more effort into making fake accounts than PGA.

    10/10 will order again
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    LOL. You can use Followiz and buy 1,000 followers for like 10 cents
  12. EazyE

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    Ultimately everyone answers to someone, some way or some how.
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  13. Fits

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    Trolls. Trolls eveywhere
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    This thread is dead. See yourself out and don't bump it anymore.
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    Another junior member with 17 posts that are all in this thread.
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    He's another shill...and it's no coincidence that he showed up as the other three were banned
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  17. LVBB

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    Weeks later, still have not received my package from this source. Still no one has reached out to me. I imagine at this point I chalk it up to a loss?
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  18. Scotian

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    The source was banned, all his other handles were banned. Many members posted buyer beware, always do research before you buy from a source and never trust a source who has been banned lol they were banned for a reason.
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  19. ed@mtl

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    I made a small order last yr and the item arrived. But now I don’t think i’ll order anymore. It’s ashamed.
  20. EazyE

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    Appears to be a write off. Find a different source. There are a handful of good Canadian labs on this board. Look around Meso and you will find them. Good luck moving forward.