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  1. iceman440

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    I think he has potential.

    And @Worf , you are correct. We do demand TGI standards, but we should give them time to get there. He did donate, and send for testing. If he gets his ass in gear and keeps on going, I don’t see why he would not be great

    And since he is coming into meso at a time where lab testing has been shady (at best) , he really needs to address @T-Bagger . I think all sources should give w&m full disclosure (assuming w&m are not sellouts)

    Also, I think I saw an fuck you @balco some where?
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  2. T-Bagger

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    See that’s the problem - he comes in blowing his own horn about how long he’s been around and has a pill press... get a damn clave. How much time does he need? This is total amateur hour but trying to play like a big boy.
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    Re-read TGI’s first day here.
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  4. Worf

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    he probably hasnt had his feet held to the fire like this by guys like @mp46 and @Mighty-mouse before. He did seem to be pretty well ready for most of the typical meso questions at the start. This is different territory from the paid boards.
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    After following along this thread, i was kinda pulling for the underdog (Sparta). He seemed to be meeting most requests and appeared to have potential, to a varying degree. A few posts above someone mentioned that TGI single handedly raised the bar for all future sources. That's great. Theres always room to improve and establish a new status quo. Well.... i'm curious if Sparta will make a return and try to have some sort of logical explanation. We can safely use Occams razor theory here if he chooses to explain the lack of board presence, and his other short comings.

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  6. T-Bagger

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    He’s only an underdog here, not on BoP and the other 2-3 boards he’s on. He came in here blowing his horn. I personally would like to see him live up to the hype they have from the other boards where people HAVE to say good things or risk being banned.
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    True, true. He did coming in here tooting his own horn for sure. I too am a believer in that if you say something, then stand by your word, and do it. Don't just give me lip service, i already have a wife that will suck me off. LOL

    One of the reasons i finally signed up here was due to how you all hold the sources accountable. I will be the 1st to admit that i know jack fuckin shit when it comes to brewing gear. After reading stuff Mighty Mouse and mp46, as well as others have said, i feel like i gained a lil knowledge.

    I enjoy the fact that this isn't a source a board, and there's still freedom of speech, and it doesn't matter if the source gets offended due to being challenged with things. Again, that's a good thing.

    Like ya said, the other boards you have to play nice cause it's all about the mighty dollar. If we the member piss off the source and they leave, we just took how many $1000's outta someones pocket for board fee's, etc... The mods definitely won't allow that to happen, by deleting posts, or whatever means necessary.
  8. T-Bagger

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    Humility, transparency and honesty go a long way not only here, but every day life. They stand to make a lot of money here, but they also have to understand that they are not protected here and that’s what I love about Meso. And yeah, @Mighty-mouse and @mp46 are a huge asset to the community as well as countless other brothers on here.
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  9. iceman440

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    Let’s just wait to see if he comes back. I wouldn’t be pissed off if he had a family weekend get a way.

    He should have told us, but it’s reasonable
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  10. mp46

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    Jano had already had the big GH scandal with mands was it? Where Jano literally faked a test with something he didn't even receive. When the guy asked about results, how hard was it for jano to say "I haven't received it yet." So as a new source what kind of message would that send? We've seen jano match people like WM and Analyzer with results then others where he's way off. He's even to the point that he's stated he'll be testing each sample twice. Who needs to do that? I'm not saying that Jano don't know his shit, but he's so inconsistent a source can get flack either way for accepting his results.

    I've already pointed out some things about TGI, but also remember TGI was a brand new source, Sparta claims to have been in business for at least 3 years. While TGI didn't have a steam clave he had a legit dry heat clave and not a pressure cooker. So basically you've got Sparta who's been in business at least 3 years and hasn't been able to achieve the same things as titter did in 6 months.
  11. Cookieman

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    He was active on sst earlier today in regards to their Memorial Day sale
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  12. T-Bagger

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  13. mp46

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    I'll also say I've only been cracking down on sources out of boredom, I don't even have TGIs private list email thing to make orders from him. Any comments in that thread are from Gear I bought before he went private.

    Also, I wouldn't be so hard on sources if they just shut up and took the advice they're given. Look at geotech or whatever the other source is, we went back and forth for like 2 days about autoclave heat and killing bacteria. Instead of just reading the real life studies from actual scientists and saying I'll just crank up the heat higher and let it cook longer and be done with it he argued about the validity of his own links until he finally realized his error, and I've shut up about his time/temp since. Or take the ball mill for instance, he doesn't have a high end lab one like I'm used to seeing but it's not that big a deal, it doesn't need to be the same standards as injectables so I said my peace and dropped the issue.

    Same here, Sparta used a study about dental care in a 3rd world country to justify his use of a pressure cooker for sterilizing things. Like dude, you've been in business for 3 years, get a real autoclave, even american made dry heat autoclaves are less than $300.
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    @Worf Good posts brother I agree with you.

    Not everyone is lucky enough to be on tgi's list and some of us need fancy labels for resale reasons. For personal use give me a blank vial idgaf but some of my buddies wont buy aas with no fancy label.

    I personally will give him a shot if he continues to improve!!
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  15. Tiredandhot

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    I actually didn't know tgi was private till today reading this thread. That kinda limits some people here on finding good sources.

    As I stated in the beginning of this thread, I placed two orders with sparta and liked his communication and customer service. I didn't order any oils, but reading bloodwork posted on other sites I wouldn't be opposed to buying from him as the results were good. Hope he comes back around here....
  16. iceman440

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    You should be able to get TGI’s gear if you are re-selling. He will take public bulk orders of 750$
  17. bolder

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    Y’all don’t care if it’s a holiday weekend or not! Monday rolls around and it’s back to business on Meso!! :D

    As far as the testing that’s been shown, yeah who knows if there even right or not!? Maybe if Jano retests them a few more times then he might find the actual results, then again probably not! :rolleyes:
    I know one thing though, Janos reports will never be the deciding factor when it comes to running any source off here (for me) anymore! o_O

    I always look at any source that comes to Meso should be treated like a brand new source! The vetting should be the same no matter what. Meso isn’t like any other board!
    It’s obvious Sparta has some work to do and things to tweak. I just don’t think we should expect it overnight. I think things should play out to see if requests are being fulfilled and changes are being implemented. If there’s no progress and sandbagging is being displayed then that’s when the pitchforks should come out.
    Surely @SpartaPharmaUSA will be back to answer questions tomorrow? But who knows? I mean he did say he doesn’t understand why sources doesn’t post up frequently. He said something like, it only takes a minute or two to post but he hasn’t even done that?
    I’ll give benefit of the doubt this time just because it’s a holiday weekend. Still no reason not letting members know that his presence this weekend would be lacking...
  18. Maktub

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    Benefit of doubt until tuesday.

    Lets wait until tomorrow. If he doesn't answer tomorrow that would be really shitty for him(besides all the talk about the autoclave ).

    He better use all this time to come back and get some straight answer.

    Meanwhile meso bros take you vitamins and protein shake . Tomorrow is going to to fire ;)
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    Oh i know brother. Should have worded it differently. Im no big time reseller. Just have 3-4 friends i hook up. There your standard small time users who need 4 bottles test c, 2 bottles deca, 6wks worth of dbol maybe 2-3 times a year...

    Sure i could save up and hit his minimim for personal use. Doesn't help me though when i get that random text offering me 250$ for 3-4 bottles test e that they needed yesterday though lol (;

    More solid sources the better.
  20. Come on dad you know we’re all way too fuckin lazy to go back and re-read anything, please summarize for us..