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  1. T-Bagger

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    These ass hats have been in business for 3+ years and if they can afford a pill press and have a spot on 3 or 4 other boards, you’re damn right we’re going to demand of them what TGI accomplished in 8 months.
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  2. Brawny

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    Can’t help but notice you’ve been active on SST and avoiding questions here @SpartaPharmaUSA
  3. T-Bagger

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    They thought they would just come in here and be the cool guys and we would just spread our ass cheeks and welcome them in, no questions asked.
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  4. TX_Hempknight

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    I will be the first to admit that I was pulling for these guys. We were honey dicked with tits and bro replies. Did he donate, yes. Did he agree to batch numbers, yes. Get a clave, yes, tentatively. Test raws and finished oils, yes but still waiting.

    My problem is dropping a sale then going mia all weekend. And yes, I'm on TGIs personal list and will ride that soft fluffy tail until the end. I went through several shitty cycles looking for a good ugl and I found it. Of course I will stick with it until someone with the same level of quality shows up with a lower minimum or a better system. I won't feel bad about that.

    I want another ugl to succeed, the community needs it, meso needs it. But avoiding this forum altogether while bro-ing it up on another forum is not going to cut it for me. This is meso, we are needy, we are still vetting and the fucker checked out of here to rake in his cash on the sale he started. I've ranted enough and forgot my point. Either way, I appreciate your responses @Worf it's good to see you on a bit more again. And who the fuck invited @balco, cause seriously, fuck that guy. Have a beautiful day meso.

    @T-Bagger, you make it through those storms bud? Looks like it got bad up there last night.
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  5. Brawny

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    Sparta logs into the MESO, realizes he’s been caught red handed. Who knew a bunch of meatheads actually knew how to brew gear?

    He dusts off Mom’s old pressure cooker, it’s been in the family for ages. Grandma canned beans in this thing for heavens sake. Who needs one of those fancy autoclaves anyway. None of his customers had ever died from unsanitary vials and if they did, well, they weren’t able to report it anyway.

    He logs into Venmo, sends his payment to the moderators at BOP and let’s out a sigh of relief. Home again

  6. T-Bagger

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    I slept right through the tornado warnings. They hit SW of us, but thanks for checking bro.

    I’m all about a good source coming here to Meso and I get it that these sources want to maintain their level of bro-hood but sources are NOT our friends and when push comes to shove, they will prove that.
  7. T-Bagger

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    LMAO, good times
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  8. Mighty-mouse

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    He was also active on MS about an hour ago. Guess he scared of Mesonites IMG_1532.jpg
  9. Cookieman

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    Hey man, just curious.. Didn't you say that you purchased from Sparta on SST? Was just wondering if you tried out the gear and what were your thoughts about it. I saw you offered some for testing. I thought maybe these guys would possibly do well here, but their absence speaks volumes
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  10. Brawny

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    I have only used tren A from Sparta and it seemed to definitely be Tren, but that’s just a feelz report.

    But his lack of board presence is disconcerting.
  11. Glocker

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    Someone help me out on this please i did read as much as i can - the question SP has not answered is what - publicly giving w&m permissions to post any and all results? Who is w&m is that basically another jano?
    I never understood why private sources are permitted on a public board. This isn't much different than a member selling to select other members via pm except they have the luxury of using the open forums for their private business.
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  12. T-Bagger

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    Yes. I would like him to answer either yes or no - will you give W&M FULL disclosure permission. He has dodged it since I asked. W&M is a domestic tester like Jano.

    TGI started out as public and went private due to security reasons. Stanford came here and was never vetted - he got a back door pass because vets vouched for him instead (which is BS). He only opens his list occasionally but other than that, private sources don’t really come here.
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  13. jackmeoff1

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    Is this LEO from BOP? aka kick AAS from M&S?
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  14. Brawny

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    I think he’s done bailed ship at this point, or he is trying to catch up with orders from other boards.

    But, even if he’s catching up with boards, it just proves that he can’t sustain business at this capacity across multiple boards

    As well as SST
  15. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    So BOP “Sponsors” that all came over to Post and Ghost at the same time

    They all just wanted to toss their order info up and see who they could take advantage of. Like others already pointed out, “Intro Sales” should be a giant fucking red flag. Little worm on the end of a big fucking hook (Skank from The Crow).

    These pop-ups and sales are appealing to noobs and desperate people. Don’t fall for it.

    Sparta probably only came here for W&M too. They only offer services to MESO members. I hope W&M pulls the plug on the testing services.

    Even the idiots at BOP have a term for what I believe Sparta is doing. They call it “Pump and Dump”. It’s when a lab generates so much popularity and builds a big customer base rapidly only to collect one final weekend of orders and they close up.

    This is what Sparta is doing right now. No way a domestic could source securely across 4 boards. There’s also no reason they would want to spread themselves so thinly like that unless it’s only for the SHORT-TERM.

    Thanks for the visit Sparta.
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  16. TX_Hempknight

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    Unfortunately, this is exactly the way I see it. However, at least he donated. Never did see that gold level though.
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  17. TX_Hempknight

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    Lucy..... You have some splaining to do.

    You coming back to take your lashings or punking out?

    I was just informed this source has changed names everytime shit goes south, which apparently has been several times, not for security purposes as originally stated.
  18. puckhog

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  19. TX_Hempknight

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    Seems this fucker has been quite active on bop today, but we can't even get a reply back.

    Great, they can keep this no autoclave having bath tub brewer. Not everyone is meant for meso.

    Good, good, let the infection flow through you.
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  20. T-Bagger

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    Guess they are happy being subpar shit. And why not? No one holds them accountable on the other boards.