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    Yeah sorry i went back and did research and figured out who W&M is as well as Analyst. I thought i deleted that part of of my question.

    I was here when both of them came along I remember Stanford never was public. TGI / security reasons / hes on a public forum.
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    Well you nailed it

    edit - quite disturbing no wonder i never looked at that stuff before.
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    damn yall got me paranoid; I made an order last week and received it today; some1 frm sst referred me to sparta cause he didnt want to sell to me because of some shit I told him about getting underdosed/fake gear. sparta seems to be one of the prominent source on sst with labs/bloods.
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    to be honest not tryna suck dick but comparing sparta's drol compared to another sources on here thats been vetted is night and day difference. My back felt like it was going to pop today(back pump was insane) running 25mg sparta's drol preworkout; never got that running a 100mg of drol pre workout on a vett'd source here just saying.................. but you guys are right sparta should get his ass asap on here to give a explanation. hes been active on sst.
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    He’s gone. He did what he wanted to do here and he’s gone. The pied piper of SST and he’ll lead his guys back. Dudes follow him cause he’s a bro-cha-cha-cha. But Leo is just a professional Rep. He doesn’t know anything about making steroids, he just drums up the business. Hype guy!
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    Someone should go to sst and call his ass out. That’s a lot of damn work to Just be here for 1 week of sales
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    Didn’t this dude have a contest for stash spots on sst ? What a fucking loser
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    Bulk order with TGI, that $750 is about 2 novice size cycles. That's what I did.
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    I tried on bop but my account was deleted. Not going to make new accounts there or any other forums. Done with that. Meso keeps me plenty entertained.
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    Don’t let the door hit ya Leo! Your non presence here has became an issue. An issue that you have said wouldn’t be an issue....:confused:

    Anyway.... go to your other boards! You suck at this one!! o_O
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    Seems like he put in a lot of effort here just to walk on it if he is just their pimp wonder what HQ will say about the lost opportunity.
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    I considered it, but that would prevent me from lurking and bringing information over here. :D
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    Anyone ran either of the GH Kits this Source has available. Looking for Feedback on Quality/Results.
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    Don’t waste your time or money on these clowns.
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    I grabbed a black and blue top kit. Just started bluetop kit and planning on bloods. I also believe @Kim also bought blacktops.

    Regardless, optis are a little more expensive but has awesome bloodwork. And TP is a lot cheaper too.
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    And these cocks just ducked right on out of here.
  20. And now they get free exposure every time someone replies to the thread. May have been the plan all along?
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