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  1. 3 fucking ML..God I hope that’s an exaggeration :eek:. Truth be told, I started pinning traps after I saw his post of a syringe just sitting in his trap.
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    Captain Crunch Family Size. I went down the same path as you.
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    Well, when you're that jacked, you can wear anything you want. Dafuq anyone going to say to @TorroXL? Lmao.
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    I need your genetics man!!! Haha
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    Old school still works?
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    Yes he still uses the private ones.
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  8. I never really use safe-mail any more. Just checked it because of your post and seen a few emails, lol. Replied to them other than safe-mail i have 4 email addys. Too many.
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    I had to reply to your response last night. Can you check it one more time lol

    Moving forward I will use the new ones from the OP
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    I went ahead and just pmd you
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    What’s inventory looking like? Everything stocked?
  12. Stock is good, sir.