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    I got one for you .. take a big bowl of whip cream cool whip (I use coconut) pour lucky charms all over it mix it in a bowl , than pour caramel over it..
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  2. I'll check in a bit.
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    Emailed order. Please check. I need it asap. Thanks Bro
  4. Replied a bit ago. Just woke up. Must get coffee.
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    Anyone try his winavar?? Starting a blast and tryna find something new for a good kick start. And are the prices the same as on page 1??
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    If you do, I will definitely be picking some up.
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    I remember he had a mix it was superdol, tren no ester and test no Ester I think. I loved it. You mean that one?
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    Yeah that's the one
  9. How long prior to workout do you pin it?
    Also, how much of it do you pin?
    And what what point do you drop it?
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    Honest I don’t even remember the dosage on it. It was 2 years ago. I can’t do oral superdol, dbol or tbol
    For some reason I get the worst headaches and lose of appetite and feel like shit. I can run Anavar and winny all day and feel fine. So I like the injectable superdol for some reason I’d doesn't give me the sides the oral does. I use it for about 4 weeks if I remember to kick start my cycle .
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    Orals were not legit. Oils were
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    Of course you didn’t find them legit, you are the guy who is blasting Adderall and looking for similar immediate physical effects!

    ...along with your post history displaying this is ALL new territory to you...

    Now come back with some actual info like some testing, otherwise you will get thoroughly shamed for your noobness as your shitty review gets analyzed further in detail...
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    Hope you have testing to back these claims up.
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  15. Which orals? I will have it tested from my end.
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    I’ve been using his Dbol and have been hitting pr’s. First time using Dbol so seems legit to me
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    Thanks for that detailed Feelzzzz(TM) Report

    What products and what was your cycle setup?
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    Think I’ve literally ran all of them and all were top notch. Don’t know where you get off posting rhetoric and piffle like this
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    That name... LMAO
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  20. Something looks different about you, @T-Bagger . Did you get a haircut or something?
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