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    *blushes* you noticed!
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  2. size26s

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    I used Stanford for my show last year. tren mast prop winnavar alllll
    Good to me
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  3. Torro what’s good bull-dawg! You aight? Back in the mix? Good seein ya my dude.
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    Got violated. Got extradited. Been doing what I gotta do to get on my feet and stay there. So far so good. So basically I did more time. This time in California. I’ve officially done time in all the lower 48. Jk jk. Kinda sorta jk
  5. You are one crazy fucker..! Glad you’re all in one piece homie.. now stay the fuck out of trouble and in the gym!
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  6. TorroXL

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    Will do brobro. I even talk to my buddy @wedorecover88 yesterday. It’s always nice to hear from him
  7. Good shit. That’s what’s up!
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  8. That a current pic? Traps still lookin crazy!
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  9. Burn bright

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    What's the filler for orals?
  10. taco33150

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    Dude get out of here with that bullshit
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  11. TorroXL

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    Like a year ago IMG_1141.jpg

    But this is last week
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  12. T-Bagger

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    That’s a sweet glitter case on that phone :D
  13. Savagesteve

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    Only dude I know that’ll put 3ml in the traps...let alone pin them to begin with lol
  14. Cityofgrit

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    I like his tank with the popsicles on it :D
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  15. Vitamin c. So, your getting big, strong and fighting the common cold.
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    Bahahaha, didn’t even look at those!
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  17. Cityofgrit

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    Pretty snazzy!
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  18. Cityofgrit

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    Don't mind me, I just pinned some of that TRNE, TNE, Superdrol blend Stanny made a while back. FIYA!!! (Wish I could get @BigBaldBeardGuy's fire emoji.)
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    There ya go
  20. Cityofgrit

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    Awesome!! Thank you, good sir! And how about I throw a fuck @balco in for good measure