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    250- 300mg a week I’m around there.. keep in mind this was 6 days after my last shot
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    His real name is actually Chandler Johnson the 3rd. He comes from a proud heritage of Chandler Johnson’s. His father being a Chandler Johnson and his father’s father also a Chandler Johnson.
  3. I stand corrected; thank you good Sir!!
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    Any update on the testosterone undecanoate?I want to place an order but want to wait to include the Test my order.Thanks Stan,my last order from you is working out well.
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    I knew a Chandler Johnson once. She was a female. Plot Twist
  6. Hahahahah. :D:p
    Sure she wasn’t a Trani? :eek:


    I've been ordering from all day chemist for four years and never had a problem in terms of meds not working. I've been explicitly ordering exemestane from them for four years and I've never once questioned the legitimacy of the product. That shit even crashes my e2 if I take too much. Seriously that has been my main go to for e2 control and I cant even fathom having to find a new source for that. Somebody update me here. What's going on on? Are they selling bunk?? Theres NO WAY that shits bunk. It legit crashes my e2 and the doses are consistent.
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  8. Dammit I liked paying 20 bucks instead of 60....back to pharmacist. Thanks for your input I was wondering even sometimes with the dick pills.
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    I was ready to spend some money because of an issue I was having. Stan could have made some money off me but instead told me to just take less of something. Tells me the guy is concerned about our well being not just making money. I rolled the dice on him because this thread seems to have a fairly tight knit group. If anyone is on the fence go ahead. He's alright with me for what that's worth. Thank again, Stan.
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    Is Joshua York your real name?
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    I hope not..smh
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  12. He a trasvestite too...they all coming out of the BOP woodworks. :p
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  14. No, lmao. Just tbol. That would have to be by special request.
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    Dam @StanfordPharma that is a kind gesture adding cialis to your products for free!! I knew you were an OG freak with that donkey, but giving half of meso random hard on's is on another level. Nice move my friend:p
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  16. Don't think i didn't do it for selfish reasons, haha.
  17. @StanfordPharma
    Check your email you lazy fuck!! :p know I love you (no homo—maybe just a little). ;)
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    Check your email brother
  19. You have to ask like @Inquiring Mind did. With an "i love you" and just a dash of homo.
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    Nope. With a name like Cornfed I assumed we weren't using real names. My bad, big guy. I'll work on something more fitting.
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