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    No it was all day chemist.

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  2. That's supposedly a sister site....swear I got bunk last year, my estrogen was like 105 I think they messed up the test, I Payed/ordered the sensitive test too....last bloods it was 23..... so either that one test was fucked up or I'm getting hit or miss with my purchases from reliable.
  3. I found a few of the test results. There's many more. I will still look for those. Hard to find as they are scattered all over. Plus there are customers that have done testing as well. Here are some that i just found.
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  4. Screenshot_20190621-201358.png
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    U da man Stan.
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    I’m having an identical experience with the adex from ADC brother. Bloods have been all over the place.

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    I’m not new to this game but I come from another very well know forum! Lots of people don’t care to much for and I can finally see why! Been lurking on Meso for a while it’s a tough crowd but I mean when it comes to AAS that’s a good thing! I’ve been eyeing stanford pharma for a while I’m loving everything I see! Seems to really have his shit together and he don’t have a bunch of other people working for him on the forums he likes to take care of business! Very interested in giving him a try great line up of products very simple but great looking stuff just wanted to throw that out there!
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    On stans test E 6 days after injection.. no AI...
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    How much are you taking?
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  18. Two thumbs up on the trenbologna big guy.. sweating when I breath over here
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    Is that a good number for you?
  20. Isn't that just so sweet of you! You been around the game for who knows how long, and thank goodness for all of us here at Meso that you have been lurking along. :cool:

    Well, heck, now that the other boards are down and done, the timing couldn't have been more favorably, right? That's like, how do you say, some serendipitous shit! :D Brave for you. :p:p I'm sure you will have so much to contribute as you are so "not new to this game". ;) Naturally, we can empathize at how you would no doubt have been "eyeing Standford.." o_O

    Btw, did you bother to introduce yourself in the appropriate thread? Oh look at me being rude, I'm sorry, you're not new to the game..Of course you would not be so pretensions. :cool:

    Oh hey, just curious... is, is, is... Chandler Johnson your real name?:eek::eek:
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