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  1. Thanos33

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    Can’t be that bad working I mean you could come work with me at the army..... just saying could be worse
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  2. Oldschool

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    Trust me when I say that your service is greatly appreciated. I wasn't complaining about the work. Just joking around. Thanks again for your service.
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  3. blnak

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    Any ETA on proviron? I know it's easy to get but honestly Stan's stuff has been so good I'd rather just stick with him for everything I can.
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  4. Thanos33

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    Your good bro just giving you shit... I’m pretty high ranking so I don’t really do nothing just manage a bunch of grown adults ‍♂️
  5. 8eightBroke

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    Pog MOS or no?
  6. If i had to guess I'd say a couple weeks.
  7. Scout8541

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    That's the first thing I think of when someone mentions they are military. If they are pog or not.

    HIGHRISK Member

    Especially when you make $900/HR like you do:)
  9. Oldschool

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    That's a full time job. Lol
  10. Thanos33

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    Lol POG yes I am now but I do have my jump wings and did 10 door jumps and 1 tailgate. I actually have 3 MOSs
    11B infantry
    63A tank mechanic
    91B wheel mechanic
    I enjoy being a LEG a lot less pain lol.
  11. Horimono

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    That’s awesome Stan, but that’s ok. I’ll pass on the freebies. You have been too good to me in the past. I was just funnin. But thanks anyway. I’ll pay full price. Keep doing what your doing.
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  12. Skorecese

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    noobs and anyone who wants to potentially become a rep take notes. We don’t take freebies even if it’s a reputable great source
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  13. BigJP

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    Want to share my experience here. We had a shipping issue early on and @StanfordPharma made good on it. Communication throughout, never left me guessing. I can’t speak to the product yet, however I will be pulling bloods and posting them at week 5 of my upcoming cycle using only Stanford products
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  14. johntt44

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    That's the going rate for an old gigolo/manwhore?
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  15. Discodon

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    So taking any new customers
  16. Did you just post that without even reading the thread title? i think you did. Go to your room, Mister! You're grounded!
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  17. Open to the public, sir.
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  18. Discodon

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    thanks was just checking pictures said wasn’t on your profile thank you sir will be emailing you
    I did read was making sure because members photo showed not taking new customers but thinks tho
  19. Discodon

    Discodon Member

    Haha was just checking because of profile pic comment
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  20. Bnp

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    Hey stan idk if you already covered this but is this china ban going to effect things?