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  1. I know as much as you do. If it happens it will affect everything. Question is, will it be enforced. I've been asking the same questions, my friend. Guess we'll all see.
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    lol yeah military is trash I've been Air Force for a while.
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    TD 4 days from placing an order. Stan your the fucking man.
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  5. Yes. Cialis 20mg per ml 60ml bottle $30. Not the mix. I don't like to mix multiple powders in suspension because they won't mix well.
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  6. ***IMPORTANT***

    Have a bit of an emergency. Won't be taking any orders or be able to ship any packs for at least a few days. I would guess shipping will resume monday. Most orders have been shipped those that haven't i will get those out asap and i will make the wait up to you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    I will be able to post and email sporadically. Not a lot, but a little here and there.
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  7. *10 minutes after the emergency post*

    "i emailed you to ask why the (minimum) order i made an hour and a half ago hasn't shipped yet and you didn't answer. i feel like i'm being scammed!"
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    Hey can you email me back to let me know my status. Dax******@pro
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    Fuck yeah! That’s awesome my ins just quit paying for my cialis and I have to have that for my pre work out cock tail thank you brother
  10. Your that guy at the gym that bench presses with a boner?
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    Fuck, Lol!
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    It’s worse, he’s that guy that gives you a spot with a boner.
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    Check PM
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    Not saying theirs any problems, but has anyone waited more than 8 days for pack from stan. Got in and checked today still no td.
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    Hey @StanfordPharma I know you just briefly touched on this but if the china ban is enforced do you think that means we are all fucked? Or do you think another country will take over? Only asking because I've been on Dr prescribed TRT for years and recently switched to doing it myself to save money... then this china crap happened lol
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    I got a TD in 4 days start to finish. first order.
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    I’m that guy but you can’t tell :(
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    Lmao that’s how I get people to get the fuck off the bench I just stand nice and close to em
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    Has anyone had experience with his DHB ?