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  1. If you want my very uninformed opinion i would say it's not going to affect us very much. I would guess that sources of finished product are gearing up for this event (yes, punn intended. I never pass on a good punn) by overstocking. I would guess that raw sources are shipping large shipments to the US and i would say that if china actually were to enforce such a ban that some sources would be looking to other countries as a alternate place to manufacture. Worse case scenario, imo, is prices may go up a bit for everyone. Manufacturer to finished provider to end user. But if so i doubt much at all.
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  2. From your mouth to God’s ears!
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    Thank you for taking the time to answer, and while I know it’s impossible to predict I do appreciate your opinion! I hope you are right, this whole china thing had me in a scare.
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    I've been waiting patiently for about ten days now. I didn't email SP or post about it because I know there might be delays in the holidays session. I will start worrying once I hit the two weeks mark.
  5. Email me so i can check on it.
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    Hey Stan you still checking private email?
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    Email sent. Thanks.
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    So Monday is still the anticipated day to begin taking orders again?
  9. Yes
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  10. Sorry folks. Will not be taking any new orders until i get back and get caught up. Should be mid week.
  11. *10 minutes after no orders post*

    Stanford sent you a PM.
    Stanford check your email.
    Stanford you still open for business?
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    Who was it that said they don't understand why someone posts a "sent you an email" on a forum? That's bad in here, was that you @MisterSuperGod?
  13. i've talked shit to a few guys over it, but that was a while back.
    i think it was @BigBaldBeardGuy this last time that brought it up.
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    Ok, I lol everytime I see it too
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    Pack just landed a few days after ordering. Thanks bro!
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    Yo Stanford I been emailing you multiple times, I have message you multiple times , there is no reply
    I placed an order more than 2 weeks ago and it hasn't been delivered
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  18. Yes, i have dnp.
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  19. Just need you to pm me so i can look into it.
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    We sir just became best friends
    I just joined this form and looking at the prices realize that my current dealer I thought was my friend is definitely not I think I’m putting his kids through college anywho send me a price list please I’m sure it’s on here somewhere but I’m on tapatalk and it’s not tryna work for me thanks in advance
    P.s. the DNP I just bought was 50ct that’s like a 4 day run and I paid 60$ for it!!!!! And It doesn’t even smell like sulfer