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  1. LOl..he got a scat fetish. :D
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    This thread is ours buddy, we took over, steroass is a small piece of shit.
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    Den84 Member you know a lot of brand in Eu , and also you tested many brand and thanks for this. by chance, you've ever heard of Sterling Knight Pharmaceuticals? It is a new Eu brand and in my country there is a reseller who claim that this brand it is the top in the market... but no reviews and no lab test for now. I have price list for bulk order and price are ridiculous, so it's all very suspicious. I would not, that this reseller, wants to fuck his own compatriots.
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    @ Den84

    Unfortunately, Sterling Knight Pharmaceuticals does not tell me anything, I have not heard of the brand yet.
    if i should let you test it sometime i will post the results.

    Thank you
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    HilmaBiocare Somatropin 10IU vial 100IU-1.jpeg
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    Legit. Been using their gear brand and others from their site, decent prices.
    Virtutis Pharma Virtustabol Stanozolol
    Atlas Nandrolone Decanoate
    Euroroid TEST 250 testosterone Enanthate
    Euroroid tren 200 Trenbolone
    PMP Steroids Clenonaxin

    So far so good.
    8-12 days shipping to Europe.
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    Test Report #03610.png Test Report #03612.png Test Report #03613.png Test Report #03607.png
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    Thanks for sharing brother
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    L4T 392 19 3-1.jpg
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    Thanks for sharing.

    Just recently did another order, everything smooth, as always.
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    Test Report #03779.png


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    did you retest the same vial, received from stero aas? or you bought another vial and tested another vial?

    however, knowing the msgnus brand that is the economic line produced by swiss remedies, i know swiss remedis is sold as premium line and magnus as cheap line, so probably your lab reports is more accurate than lab4tox.
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    I received a whole "pack" from steroaas, which included several vials along with sterile water ampules. I tested a different vial from the same pack for the peace of my mind.
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    thanks for the retest.

    jano I will send you a current box of bioniche HGH and BM HGH soon

    I will send the same to Lab4tox and then we will compare exactly ok

    Thank you
  18. Yes, Sterling Night is a well known brand in Europe, but as you wrote, there aren't lab test. As you have rightly written, there are no independent laboratory tests on this brand, anywhere, on any site or electronic book. I didn't even find reviews from users. At least, for the Concentrex brand, which has a similar condition to Sterling Night, if I don't find analysis at least I found several positive reviews. On Sterling Night, instead, nothing at all. I therefore also advise against the purchase.

    Greetings to everyone,
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    new tests from maximus lab

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