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    All "PharmacomStore" related domains (.net, .org, .in) are legit but at this moment we only operate on
    Code: is the manufacturer's page, it's not a shop.
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    Genghis K, thank you for sharing this info, it's 100% correct.
    We never require a signature upon delivery but in some cases (less than 10% from my experience) they may ask for one, depending on the local post legislation.

    From 2008 since I joined this business, the worst case scenario I heard of for an overseas shipment was a seizure letter. Never heard of controlled deliveries or charges made to the receiver for ordering several vials or some blister packs of pills.

    Anyway, forums and boards can be checked, I never had a seized package to US since 2011. I also offer the possibility of a stealth packaging, no extra cost, which has maximum discretion and it's bulletproof, worldwide.
    Those of you who received my stealth injectables can confirm that the package will get through even if the customs open the package.

    Shipping from Europe is much safer, for both customer and seller. Some of you guys were talking about security issues when ordering from an overseas source ... let me remind you the main risk when ordering from a domestic one.
    There are at least 2 domestic sources busted each month. When they go down, their entire database of customers, names, payments, addresses, e-mails is exposed and taken by the US authorities. How about that?

    As far as the safety of my services, we operate from 2 countries that are outside of US jurisdiction and are very closed connected to Russia (both government and police). I think that says it all.
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    Looking forward to trying this gear out. I haven't found 1 thing bad about this lab. Excited to know that the gear is good and dosed correctly
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    Been searching for a while now. I know, I am a total newb, but this is the one that has been standing out on MESO. I am going to try it out, Hope for good result.
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    Dbol I recieved from D was good, I only had 100 tabs to run so my run was limited but I felt good at 6 a day but the back pumps sucked. Started at 3 a day
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    "Sucked" as in badass back pumps...or barely anything?
  7. Genghis K.

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    Most likely as in a little painful and annoying. You'll know when you have one/them.
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  8. Debating between pharmacon and kodiak. Ive heard mixed opinions on the dbol from pharmacon.
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    Has anyone bought Pharmacom from basicstero?
  10. JackC4

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    As in fuck it hurts, damn I can't walk and everyone is looking at me lol.

    Bad pumps from warming up with 135, 225 on deadlifts
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    Because of your remarks regarding the prices of some of my testosterone products I decided to adapt to your requirements and lowered the prices with 8-15% for all the Test esters.

    The 10%-20% for MESO members will still apply on top of that.

    There is also another permanent promo I have, which I advertised on several other boards, my PRICE MATCH POLICY ... just include to your order a link to a competitor's price and I'll price match + 5% DISCOUNT.

    With these being said, i want to assure the MESO community that I'll be providing the best possible offer for the Pharmacom line.

    Thank you!


    LE: Keep a full log of your cycle on MESO, post blood tests, mass specs, labmax etc .. and get 100$ free store credit.
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    My man!!
  13. CdnGuy

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    Any one run pharmacoms clen ? Quality? Thxs
  14. WhiteSight

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    So if we use the price match can we still get the meso discount on top? been considering trying your Anavar for a while and wouldnt mind trying Test PH also..
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    No, I won't be able to merge the promos, it will be either the 10-20% MESO MEMBER DISCOUNT or the PRICE MATCH + 5% DISCOUNT.

    Both of the promos will ensure the best Pharmacom price on market.
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    We have albuterol in stock at this moment, which is in my opinion, a superior Clen with less sides.
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    yes, we're considering it real soon.
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    Who has actually run these products?
  20. Fckit

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    I'll have labmax on Darius' var this weekend and running it directly after if all good.
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