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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by MEEKmlz, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. eddiegunz

    eddiegunz Member

    Just got some masteron and GH from Darius waiting for Anavar to get here. The,packaging looks awesome. Will do a log in May with progress pics.
  2. rutman

    rutman Member

    Anyone ordered directly from the website?
  3. Drols

    Drols Member

    WIll do for sure!!

    Thank you!
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  4. eddiegunz

    eddiegunz Member

    I ordered from
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  5. eddiegunz

    eddiegunz Member

    Beautiful stuff

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  6. Rick Kane

    Rick Kane Member

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  7. Tren423

    Tren423 Member

    Anyone currently running tren ace from Darius?
  8. Steroidify

    Steroidify Steroidify Rep Supporter

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  9. Steroidify

    Steroidify Steroidify Rep Supporter

    Thanks for the update!
  10. Mofotyler

    Mofotyler Member

    Heya, Was looking at placing order for 12 week cycle through Is it better to just use the website. or would one advise to try and contact the gentlemen mention in this forum (Will leave him nameless) that other to appear to have used. was going to take 500iu of hcg in pct phase. unless im blind as a bat I did not see it on the website. If its there let me know cause I must have missed it.
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  11. Jason001

    Jason001 Junior Member

    I cant wait to get paid and put my order in , I'm drawn to buying sum H.c.g at sum point I couldn't see any nova too. Though I got plenty at mo. Really excited about this sources products This guy looks awesome. Cant wait to start a new cycle with these products.
  12. ShredMN

    ShredMN Member Supporter

    Kind of surprised there is no hcg offered on the site... Placed an order for some test prop and tren ace this morning though. Will be logging my experience.
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  13. Mofotyler

    Mofotyler Member

    so not the only one who didn't see it on the site. well that sucks ass. old site I used is gone now. placed a order and sent MG and it never got picked up and they never respond to emails. so now I am back in the same boat of trying to find something legit. well atleast regarding to the hcg. nothing is worse than getting burned. happen twice to me once just didn't get anything. another time I was certain that what I got was not legit. wasn't worth the risk so just trashed it. Was looking at Hghdreambody but that shit scares me the way they do things. so dang open with everything. its like a marching band coming through town. well if anyone happens to have a link to a previous form on this site that could resovle the hcg issue that would be much appreciated. have been looking but not seeing.
  14. Wunderpus

    Wunderpus Member Supporter

    Darius- I respect the fact you are encouraging members to log their results, and incentivizing it. You know how we get with new sources here... To me, this is the model way of doing it. Thank you.
  15. Raspberry420

    Raspberry420 Member

    I placed an order on Thursday for some test cyp & dbol. Ordered from the website. I will be logging my experience.
  16. MEEKmlz

    MEEKmlz Member

    @Mofotyler im confused are u saying u placed an order with and they didnt pick up ur moneygram?
  17. MEEKmlz

    MEEKmlz Member

    @Mofotyler if u want good human grade hcg why dont u go through the pharmacist? He has a huge thread on here and everyone seems very happy......just a thought.
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  18. ShredMN

    ShredMN Member Supporter

    Will probably end up doing that, thanks!
  19. magnum23

    magnum23 Junior Member

    I also placed an order from the website, so far communication has been great, Will post pictures as soon as I get my order!!!
  20. Raspberry420

    Raspberry420 Member

    Did they send you a tracking email? Last email I received was yesterday, one day after I sent payment:
    "Payment for your order was successfully processed." No tracking.