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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by MEEKmlz, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. Wunderpus

    Wunderpus Member Supporter

    Awesome, mind posting pics in the testing thread, as well as results and a link here?
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  2. Fckit

    Fckit Member

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  3. Wunderpus

    Wunderpus Member Supporter

    Sweet, appreciate it man. This source seems too good to be true... And you know what that normally means.
  4. I agree. Hopefully if I jump on now, I can get in before things go south.
  5. fish4hc

    fish4hc Member

    Sweet! Let us know
    I got his var on its way
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  6. Belg guy

    Belg guy Junior Member

    I appreciate the price adjustment
  7. Hvywght35

    Hvywght35 Member

    Lol both Pharmacom and this guy have been around for years. Nothing new and he's like top 3 on eroids so he's not exactly a hidden gem. I'll probably try some things with those discounts and price match guarantees though.
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  8. Wunderpus

    Wunderpus Member Supporter

    Just seems awfully reminiscent of Naps, that is all.
  9. cyclone268

    cyclone268 Member

    please let me know, would be really interested. its safer for everyone and very low transaction fees
  10. zthrill

    zthrill Member

    Are the price matches for Pharmacom products from other resellers only or other UGLs product too?
  11. Rick Kane

    Rick Kane Member

    The ugl I recently ordered from doesn't carry tren Hex and said he has no plans to. From all the responses I've seen, Durius and Pharmacom products looks like it's worth a try.
    Just ordered the Tren Hex and T-Cyp.
  12. Steroidify

    Steroidify Steroidify Rep Supporter

    We'll price match only the Pharmacom Labs products.

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  13. Fckit

    Fckit Member

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  14. Steroidify

    Steroidify Steroidify Rep Supporter

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  15. Wunderpus

    Wunderpus Member Supporter

    Nice bro!
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  16. Drols

    Drols Member

    Just purchased from Pharmacom yesterday! Excited too get my gear after hearing all the good reviews. Will post a review when I get my order!
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  17. ebkallday

    ebkallday Member Supporter

    Did you go through Darius?
  18. Drols

    Drols Member

    Yeah I did bro
  19. Steroidify

    Steroidify Steroidify Rep Supporter

    Thank you!
    Please keep a full log here on MESO of your cycle or maybe post some Labmax, mass specs and you'll get the regular 100$ FREE STORE CREDIT at your next purchase.
  20. ShredMN

    ShredMN Member Supporter

    Will be placing an order with you on Friday, Darius. Looking forward to trying your gear, I've heard nothing but positive feedback. Hopefully the shining light in the dark abyss of sources.
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