Steroids, Gynecomastia and Gyno Surgery

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    I had gyno surgery a few years back, I was an idiot at 19 to took some stuff that the "guy at the gym" recommended. It was the tren extreme stack. Worst idea ever

    I used one of the best surgeons in the states. He specializes in the surgery. it was totally worth it but it was one hell of an experience I would never wish on anyone. Surgery cost me 8grand out of pocket!!. You get what u pay for though when it comes to plastic surgery!!!!
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    jesus fuckin christ i just ate. how much did they charge u anyway ?
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    What's the price tag on something like this.
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    Give me a scalpel and some super glue and its free homie ;)
    For real though ive only ever had flare ups until last cycle. Where I was using .25 adex eod, which was fine for 600mg test and 300mg tren. But I ramped the tren up to 700mg, and this was my first time running it btw. Nips got puffy so I upped the adex to .25 ed and nolva for a couple weeks at a time. Puffyness and sore nips went away but now im left with a painful pea sized lump in my left nip. I have ate the shit out of adex and nolva during my cruise and literally no diff other than the adex fucking up my sex drive. You cant see the lump but its definitely there and kinda hard right behind the nipple. I see gyno surgery in my future.
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    I had gyno surgery in February 2016. My gyno was pro hormone induced. When I was 21-23 I messed around with prohormones with no knowledge of serms or proper pct so of course I got hit hard with estrogen rebound. Continued to educate myself and have now been cycling safely since 2009. I've also tried the gyno reversal protocols but had no success with reducing the lumps but it did help with some puffiness over my nip. The gyno bothered me for years so I decided to finally get the surgery.. Cost was the only thing stopping me all this time but I made the leap.

    Now 3 months post op I am not completely happy with the results. Did a double gland excision, tissue buildup removal, and lipo. My left side is perfect but my right side has some hard mass. The right side nipple excision went well but it feels like the surgeon either left behind some build up tissue on either side of the nipple or it is just scar tissue "hard scarring" the surgeon states. I have done some corticosteroid injections about two weeks ago but haven't seen much change. Surgeon wants me to be patient and wait the full 6 months (August) to allow for healing. I can't help but think he messed up but I think that's just me getting angry bc I'm impatient.
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    I have a similar prob when I'm on cycle, I get little knots under my nips, if it gets to noticeable I just up the dose on my armidex, but yeah when there hot that's when you notice them but when cold they look completely normal,,,, but the good thing is that when I get off cycle they always come back to normal. I guess some people the gyno really get kicks there ass.. But good luck to the people who are prone to gyno, bc it sucks when you buy that fresh t shirt and them nipples are like what's up
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    What's crazy have gyno in my left side so you can really tell something is off my girl is making fun of me lol but this shit is not funny day 4 after stopped dbol and amridex. And been taking novl for 5 days starting to feel less pain . Hope this shit subsides
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    I don't think I'm going to do dbol anymore every time I cycle with it this shit happens
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    Yeah mine only get bad on dbol
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    Got one for you guys. Make sure your doc knows what he is doing had a buddy that got gyno on his first cycle decided to have surgery to remove it and the doc fkd up and now he is missing his left nipple. Lol luckily he is light shade black so you can barely see it but if you look good enough you can notice is compared to his other nip.
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    Not too sure if this is gyno or just fat. When I was young I was a skinny kid then as I got into my teens I got chubby and got man boobs. My nipples were literally indented as a teenager. After high school I started hitting the gym pretty hard. Alot of chest exercises to try and get rid of what I thought was just fat. The tissue is soft, no hard lumps or anything. At one point I was down to about 8 % BF and my chest still looked weird. Injured shoulder stopped working out for a while now back in the gym but put some weight back on. My question is this gyno that will require surgery to remedy or can I just work on my chest more? It seems like the left is worse than right

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    Dude just keep hitting chest it will be fine.
    Now we all have discrepancy I'm 40 so my chest gets a line or crease and some days my chest looks perfect.depends if I'm pumped or had lots of water.
    I'm not saying you don't have gyno but I don't believe you need surgery

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    Your youth is very similar to mine in regards to youth residential homes, medication and the like. I was part of the same experimental medication crap. I valued your post quite a bit. Thank you for sharing, albeit a year ago!
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    I noticed people say that it is not possible to get rid of glandular tissue through liposuction, but it is not true. I had a mild-moderate case of teenage gyno and after 19 I ended up working for a dermatologist / semi-plastic surgeon. I executed some projects in his office for very little $$$ and asked if he would get rid of my gyno instead of paying me more. He agreed, but he could do only liposuction because he was not familiar with the normal excision method. I had to follow him and explain to him over and over and over again that liposuction will get rid of fat, NOT glandular tissue. He proved me wrong! He did spend like 1 hour on each gland, breaking it down tiny bit by tiny bit with some buzzing cannula's, but in the end he got rid of about 85% of the gland, leaving only a little bit around the nipple.

    It took almost 2 years for the swelling to subside completely, but in the end I got rid of that one imperfection I could not correct with bodybuilding. The whole office found out about it and kept looking at me strangely...
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    You have before and after pictures? what was the price for the surgery?
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    Doesn't look abnormal to me.

    do you have any picture when you were at 8% bf? maybe that can let us know more. However it doesn't look like bitch tits so you're fine IMO
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    The surgeon has all my before and afters. Surgery went well glands removed, excess tissue removed, and lipo to fatty areas on the lateral sides of the pecs. Total cost was 6400 all in.
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    Not quite sure if what I have is gyno or fat. I did a cycle of sarms(yes I know it was stupid) a year ago and took clomid for 4 weeks @ 25mg ED. I didn't have any puffy nipples or anything like that and I bulked up to 180 pounds. After my bulk, my nipples got really puffy. I figured it was just from getting chunky. I'm now down to 165 and they are still puffy.


    There's that little line near both my nipples. I ended up doing some blood work as well and the results weren't that great

    What are you guys opinions? Do you think it's gyno?
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    Not sur bro, but it could be. Even after the surgery, anabolic can make the gyno comeback.
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    8 Months Post OP

    Before : [​IMG]
    After :

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