Steroids, Gynecomastia and Gyno Surgery

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    Google thc puffy nipples. Read the thread a few years old on eroids. Search the thread good- low e2 but puffy nipples here on this forum. I just can't stand this stupid religious menatality. Just like mulsims who think they have it all sorted out, they know with 100% certainty that whatevet bullshit they spew out of their mouths is the ultimate truth and reality. And all other people have it wrong and don't know what they are talking about.
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    What I'm saying is you're fucking guessing. Get bloodwork done at the relevant times and then tell me you know what your problem is.

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    Could it be thc? Sure. Do you know it is? No. Therefore, all you are doing is making a subjectively educated guess. That is my only point.

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    Yes, I'm indeed making an educated guess. I never claimed it to be proven science that applies to every single one of us. I don't have the luxury of getting a full blown blood test done, nor do I want to. I have been experimenting with alot of other drugs before I got to use AAS. I'm very well in tune with my body. I can notice the smallest difference any new compound makes on me pretty quickly.
    Every drug has different effects/side effects on everyone. I'm sure you're aware of the fact that there are people runninh 500 mg+/wk of test amd sometimes along with othet orals w/o any AI or serm the entire cycle and get no gyno symptoms. While on the hand there are guys who have to take some AI even in their pcts. You can not say hey my friend doesn't take any ai on a g of gear. You saying you getting gyno on 0.5 g is bullshit and you don't know what you're talking about. On a short note thc and progesteron have the same chemical formula c21h30o2, and the moement you go to a gyno surgeon the first q they ask you is if you have been smokinh marijuana ot taking opioids. But that's none of my business. This tea though.
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    To be fair, you make good points in this post. It seemed to me that you were presenting your assertions as fact, without the supporting evidence. I am well aware of the properties of thc that indicate it as a possible cause of progesterone related gyno, but I believe, and I will see if I can find the research to back it up, that those studies have been shown to be biased and not well constructed. I have gyno, had to get a mammogram and whether or not I smoked weed was a question they asked. But that was years ago, and more recent studies have shown a negligible effect on e2.

    Reaching into my bag of cobbled together knowledge, the only thing I can think of that does support your point regarding thc and may actually support it even more strongly is that I do think I remember reading the acute effects on e2 are only present in non chronic smokers. Since I'm a chronic smoker, that would explain why I never get puffy nips regardless and why you do.

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    As I mentioned earlier I can smoke pot and even use Tramadol as much as I want all day every day off cycle. But inject some test and just a few puffs, puffy nipples that only go away weeks after quitting the cycle and staying away from the thc and other drugs. I'm myself a chronic smoker, been smoking pot heavily for the past two years 5-6 full, fat joints a day. I'm not anti marijuana that's why I find this whole situation really tragic. I don't wanna give up on weed but it is what it is. One thing you have to take into consideration is not the effects of a particular drug in isolation but rather in combination with other drugs. That is although thc might not cause gyno issues normally but in some unlucky individuals who may be prone to this condition that when they are running testoesteron, it may cause problems Regardless of how much ai they take and what their e2 and prolactin levels are. It is just something we don't understand 100% yet. The research is very limitted on thc and its co-relation with gyno. Therefore it is not wise to outright reject what is actually happening in the real world in front of our eyes just to stand firm on our theories derived from inconclusive studies.
    Yes, what I'm doing is 100% bro science. Because there is no real science at the moement. And at the end of the day what matters the most is the real world results. We don't want gyno, doesn't matter what X study done on mice, who are not on AAS, says. If I eat some herb and I end up going to the emergency as a result of that, it's pretty much clear to me that that particular herb, given in that very that I was in when I consumed it, is toxic to me. No amount of theories or studies can make me consume that herb again, unless it is 100% scientifically proven that there might have been other factors involved.
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    By the way you can see John Jones puffy nipples since recently he hopped on steroids. He is a self confessed stoner. Nobody told him that weed could be the cause.
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    "Cruciferous Vegetables like broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, maca, and so on are filled with some very favorable compounds to decrease your estrogen levels.

    1. They’re rich in zinc which is a mineral known to boost testosterone. Zinc also stops the aromatase enzyme from doing its damage on your testosterone levels, so that your T doesn’t convert so easily to estrogen anymore.

    2. They’re rich in a compound called Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) which converts into 3,3-Diindolylmethane (DIM) in your stomach. DIM is known best for its ability to regulate estrogen, which means that it effectively flushes out estrogenic compounds and xeno-estrogens from your body.

    Many people like to eat their cruciferous vegetables steamed. However, I believe that when you expose those veggies to too much heat, they’ll lose some of the beneficial nutrients."

    Obviously is not a 10 year, double-blind, clinical research study with a population of 100,000. But I have seen numerous references to cruciferous vegetables helping to control estrogen and aid in reducing gyno. I'm a firm believer in exploring every avenue and these vegetables are good for you even if they don't help with the gyno.

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    Wow that's me taking caution with this cycle ! Thanks for reminder :|
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    Thank you for sharing that detailed and tasteful account of your experience. I myself as I know many others would agree, find Gyno a terrible reminder of the side effects of medications received from when I was 6 years old through college. To be raised in a system that cares for you till you are 18; then its fend for yourself. There is hardly a crash course on how to apply for the correct benefits to aid in getting back on track towards one's goals and aspirations. We the people are responsible to transition the youth into respectable teens, and then into responsible young adults! However, let us not forget the Adults need a little motivation maintain the fire within. The young souled powerful being that is not extinguishable. Both good attributes and bad defects are seen as in his mind.It is important to find the spirit inside to know what you desire to become and don't let go until you have shaped that image in human form. Visualization is key to obtain your greatest rewards. Have these questions and concerns often find seeking guidance difficult More importantly who to trust with your body alteration or other alternatives" wellness rejuvenation". As spiritual beings having a human experience we can disconnect from the emotions that so easily cloud our judgment of greater hands at play for a more divine focus must be able to make educated decision about out bodies if we are to respects its soulful energy. Granted the Gyno may not be a big deal to some as a whole, they mostly cant say the change would tighten the package. We are after all masterpieces of art in this life and any other layered parallel version of this reality we live presently in this immediate moment.
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    gyno or does this look more like fat tissue? I've been off cycle for around 8 months. I quit lifting when I started my new job & my diet has been complete shit. I did a pct & never had any sensitivity or estro sides while on cycle. I do have lumps, but it don't seem like they would make my chest look from past cycles and pic of current.

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    @jJjburton could help you I think he has experienced gyno.

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    If you have any there its not much. I wouldn't say u require surgery. Try some nolvadex clomid and if that fails letro be careful with letro it can make u feel shit bro its a strong drug. Try what I said I'm sure it will go. I get gyno on cycle and I clear it up every time. Next time your on cycle take aromasin while on cycle.
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    Yea I'll definitely be taking aromasin next cycle lol it's weird that I never really felt like my nipples were sensitive though. I'm on Nolvadex now, going to get bloods from here on out as well.
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    Your good. Just lose some weight. I wouldn't worry about that
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    I haven't been on cycle in 8 months, that's why I think it's mainly fat lol I never did take it on cycle either though, just pct. Probably do 10-20mg/day from now on though...
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    I had a sensitive lump under my right nipple and aromasin really cleared it up for me.
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    I'm taking nolvadex & arimidex right now & they seem to be shrinking. It's crazy that they never seemed sensitive
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    Any itching? I may be mistaken but I thought I read that that was a sign as well. For me I had it because of some pro hormones I used in the military with little research. And just kind of felt with it for a few years. Than when I did my last cycle I read aromasin can help with it and used it while on cycle and into pct and no more lumps or sensitivity. Hope that helps