Steroids, Gynecomastia and Gyno Surgery

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Millard Baker, Mar 3, 2015.

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    So I have a lump under my skin about half inch to the left of my left nipple. I'm kind of broken out on my chest in that area. But a little concerned. Does gyno have to be directly under the nipple?
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    I developed gyno at about 13 y/o. All through my 20's I worked out, ran, had a low body fat %, and yet I still could never take off my shirt at the pool or beach. Which makes for some awkward and embarrassing situations. When you have a fit body, girls can't figure out why you won't come swimming or sit in the hot tub.

    So in my late 30's, I travelled to South America for 6 months to get away from life. I was in Ecuador for 3 months and had gyno surgery. I wish I had saved money to do it when I was young, but at least I'm normal now.

    For those interested, my total cost for surgery, clinic, anesthesiologist, etc was $1800 in Ecuador AND that included the surgeon also sucking out some cheek fat from my face to tighten it. So two surgical procedures for $1800. I figure it would have cost multiples of that in the US.

    It does hurt pretty bad for a few days. Mostly like having fire under your chest skin. But I drank lots of beer and smoked cigs (yeah yeah I know) and waited it out while watching Big Bang Theory marathons in my hotel. Yes, they watch Big Bang Theory in Ecuador.

    If any of you want more particulars, I'll be happy to share the name of my surgeon and how to reach her. She's very professional and kind and has a comforting bedside manner. And she's pretty damn hot. :)
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    Damn.. I wish I could find a surgeon for a decent price. I've had gyno since puberty and will absolutely no take a pic with my shirt off unless I've done the nipple pinch. That fucking nipple pinch.. god I know it too well. My gyno as a kid is what led me down this path of fitness and bodybuilding. I remember not having a clue about my body image until some kids decided to pick on me because you could see the puffy nipples through my shirt. From that day on it's all I saw and tried to hide.. yet it was just more awkward than anything. So much nipple pinching trying to appear normal, haha. I've never been happy with how they look.. even still. My plan in college was.. to get super lean and maybe it'd go away. Nope, that didn't work. And then I looked like a twig because I was still natty at that point. A twig with big nipples. So at that point I said I guess I'll try to make the red of my body match my big nipples by making everything else big. That's when I got on gear and have been satisfied for the most part. I still pinch my nipples though.. anyone know of anyone that can do it in the illinois/Michigan area? I'd be willing to pay about $3,000 for it.
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    Financed mine three years ago for 5000. Had it since puberty, then some sloppy work running pro hormones as a late teen made it worse. Consultations are free. Just do it

    Just saw this was an old thread. Sorry bros
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    I get flare ups that grow to an inch in diameter on cycle, even with 1mg a day Alex against 500mg a week test. Letro flattens it but I haven't found the right dosing to not crash E2 yet.

    That said, I've found raloxifene off cycle to shrink it back down to nothing. 6-8 weeks off cycle at 60mg raloxifene daily usually gets rid of it.

    But don't rely on that since it may not work for everyone...
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    Hey everyone. I had gyno also. Had it for 4 years and went through the same old stuff that everyone else did. NIpple pinch and trying to wear baggy shirts and stuff. It was the only thing that could get to me.

    My only weakness... I felt compelled to try anything to get rid of it.

    I got the gyno surgically removed in Portland Oregon two years ago. My doctor was Portland local. He left no scars what so ever.

    If you are tired of the gyno the only way to get it removed is surgery. You have to tell them to take out the gland also if you want to insure that you will never have it again.

    I paid 5k for surgery and everything that was needed. I used my student loans to pay for it and I don’t regret getting it done at all!

    Best choice of my life.

    Now if you decide to get the surgery done. Make sure you are going to someone who wont leave you looking like Freddy Kruger after. My surgery they just cut around the nipples and left drainage tubes. They put the drainage tubes in my arm pit so you wont even seen those little scars.

    I am all healed up now obviously.

    The surgery is expensive if you get it done right should be around 5k for everything. Now yeah that is a lot of cash. But at the same time we all know we blow our money on stupid shit everyday. Whether that is coffee or pizza or pussy.. Spending that 5k is on being spent for yourself. You wont regret it! DO it TO IT!
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    I had gyno as well, fucking hated that I couldn’t wear tight fitting clothes and it wasn’t just puffy nipples or small lumps, It was like hard tissue the size of a small orange on both sides of my chest.

    It wasn’t due to AAS at the time, just shitty hormones from being a chunky kid growing up. I thought when I first noticed my nips didn’t look normal that it was just from being chunky. Finally after 4 years I started working out and lost all the chub but then figured out it was gyno and that it was permanent which devastated me.

    Then I finally made the choice to get the surgery because the type of gyno I had wouldn’t go away any other way. Got the gland removed and within a year my chest looked completely normal.

    Since then my life has changed drastically, had more confidence in the gym, without a shirt and just more confidence in general. My point being: it’s 100% worth it and I would’ve gladly payed double the amount if I knew it was going to make me feel so much better about myself because gyno fucking sucks.
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    Hi i m just leaving the clinic, when i will have some pics about my surgy i m going to post here if you want see the résult :)
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    Yes please post them
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    Hi Guy s !
    how many times after your sugery you maked a chest trainning ?
    3 weeks 4 weeks less, more ?

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    tenor (3).gif
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    how long you wait to begun again to train your chest ?

    My English is very bad i know, sorry.
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    i started training after 1weeks (legs ofc). After 2weeks i started training chest ofc not heavy.
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    What did your doctor tell you?
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    I Have to wait 4 weeks.... It s long !

    And i m wearing this shit during 6 weeks
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    Hey man curious about financing options .. did you get yours financed?
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    Same here because i live in england and its about 4 5 grand
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    Hes from france everything is "free" there
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    looks like im moving to france then lool
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