Steroids, Gynecomastia and Gyno Surgery

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    I see it's been nearly a year since anyone posted to this thread. Hopefully someone will read my entry.

    I had gear induced gyno back in my twenties and finally had the surgery to have them removed by a plastic surgeon. The first surgeon was such a con artist and didn't do anything. He scammed me and I still had the lumps under my nipples. I later got a referral from an acquaintance who knew of another good plastic surgeon in the area. So a year later I went to have it done again. He didn't put me under general anesthesia. It was local. I was in and out in about 1.5 hours. He actually put the glandular tissue into a plastic container with formaldehyde and let me take them home. :) I showed everyone who wasn't grossed out so they could see what they looked like. They looked large whitish bits and pieces of overcooked shrimp. I had photos on an old laptop but I can't find them any longer.

    I had my second surgery done around 2005, I believe and it was $4K back then. I paid out of pocket. At the time the surgeon told me that he was confident that he got all the glandular tissue out. I have no visible scarring. You have to look closely to see the incision around the areola. Since I was awake I could see all that he was doing. I had local anesthesia. He used a cauterizing tool as he went deep to remove the glandular lumps to form immediate adhesion and scar tissue to prevent the indented caved-in look none of us want. I was a bit loopy from some oral medication I was prescribed beforehand to help me relax. I guess it sort of made me appear/act a bit drunk. It also made me very uninhibited. So when i smelled my own flesh burning (I couldn't feel any of it) I jokingly blurted out, "Hey, it smells like a barbeque in here!! My surgeon popped a huge grin and started laughing. :D
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    Really curious if anyone knows of a good plastic surgeon in California ?
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    Anyone know any good surgeons in Arizona?