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    I’m skeptical of anyone that learned fancy words to use in place of any variation of “fuck.”
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    There’s no “y’all” I’m very versed the use of how to say fuck you in a smart way. It usually entails me saying “fuck you” or some form therein. However, you’re correct, some people seem to think drawn out words from the dictionary(lexicon) makes their “fuck you” superior as their intelligence somehow makes them better than you. Harkens back to one of my first statements in this thread; symbiotic is a well educated person but his book smarts blinds him to the reality of the streets and an illegal drug business is the worst place for someone with no street smarts.

    Only only took the few minutes to drag out the vernacular to piss him off. You’ve seen my other posts, you know I can drag out an explanation but I don’t try to complicate it like I did here.

    Or some of us have the ability to lead complex lives and do multiple things. If I’m sitting in a meeting I can look at my phone and send out some snaps or scroll meso. I’m still livin my life at work but al present here

    I don’t get into my personal beliefs but knowing and studying a religion doesn’t mean you do or don’t adhere to it. How can you refute a Christian, Muslim, or agnostic, even atheist if you don’t understand their belief and point of view?

    I do the same thing. In person I usually catch myself and just answer the question; “I love the new bike, it handles much better and great response and feedback to control inputs on the trails.” That at least opens the discussion if they what to know the science behind why it’s a better bike and we can move on if they don’t give a damn.
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    I've studied the old and new testament, the Tora and the Koran. Religion fascinates me. But one doesnt need to study religion to know its myth. One just needs to accept science. Anything that requires faith for it's very existence is a fraud. They say faith is belief without evadence.
    Religous faith is belief in spite of the evadence.
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    I would dispute that with the fact that over half of scientists and researchers are religious, far less than the general public but still a lot for a group that devotes their entire life to facts and evidence.

    The physicists name escapes me right now but he wrote a book called “The Mind of God” in which he uses a basis of math and science to “prove” Gods existence. It’s been about a decade since I last read it to try and refute anything off hand but it was a good read nonetheless and I recommended it to anyone who’s interested in any religion.
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    Fuck. Balco liked one of my posts. How do I disinfect? Is it permanent? Am i gonna die?
  6. Paul Davies. It was an interesting read.
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    That book has never held up to peer review and has been proven to be bad science at best by the likes of Richard Dawkins and Richard Carrier.
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    A much better read would be The God delusion by Richard Dawkins or the Historicity of Jesus by Richard Carrier.
    I would also recommend anything written by Christopher Hitchens or Sam Harris on the subject of religion.
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    It’s the mark of honor to have a post of yours liked by Balco :cool:
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  10. Fucking hooked on Phonics.
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    What I’m hearing is Symba needs Jesus?
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    Bitch please. You know you have your head in your phone all day long. Sitting on the bench at the gym and shit talkin about your workout on snap chat when in reality you just sittin on the phone. That’s why my comment pissed you off.

    Amirite . I’m right
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    I don't even know who Balco is but from everything I've read his likes are like a bad case of gonerea I would personally get it checked out
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    Back to my cousin have you ever met someone so smart they are just plain weird that's him ducking weird but very talented can pick up anything with strings and start jamming he played the viola as a kid maybee that's what fucked him up. He's blood thou got to love him
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    I pulled hooked on phonics out and that’s what you come back with? I’m disappointed. Not mad, just disappointed.
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    Making friends everywhere I see.

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    That math of wasted life is blowing my mind. It takes you a few minutes per paragraph and you’ve got almost 6k posts in a little less than a year. #GetALife
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    Can we please get back to bagging on symb for poor OPSec and the bad EQ result ? These meta-arguments are tiresome.

    shit did I just double meta? God damnit.
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    It's good to see everybody at each others throats over some perceived wrongs. Oh wait, fuck fuck fuck....
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    Preach brotha
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