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  1. Robfromga

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    Shills scammers hackers fakers slackers liars Mensa and who knows what else....this thread delivers!
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    As we all know 6 out of the 7 are @MisterSuperGod handles. And everyone knows @Mac11wildcat is the shill.:p
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  3. jJjburton

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    Honestly agree with someone else the pages of text will just start to get skipped. I know I am.

    Edit- this is because most of them dont offer any value even when read.
  4. Mac11wildcat

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    @movingiron88 Why do you think I’m here? Source burning down. Situation getting grim. Time to throw on the super-shill cape and get to work. Don’t worry about the handle made 4 minutes ago who’s first post is “Sym is g2g,” I hear he’s super legit.
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  5. Sp2.0

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    In for pics of the cape
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  6. MindlessWork

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    Most of @Mac11wildcat’s posts are in his log or helping his clients. To me he is a contributor.
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  7. Mac11wildcat

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    Not even clients. I rarely converse with clients here. Hardly ever actually. I’d say about 30-40% of my posts were the despised bullshitting in the TGI thread, 10-20% in my own thread, and the remainder (as much as 50%) helping/responding to threads asking questions.

    my point is my time spent here that’s monetized is near zero as that all happens via emails for people requesting coaching.
  8. Brotato

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    i read that as "lions and tigers and bears oh my"
  9. MaskedLiberty

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    This source really seemed promising...

    So from what I am gathering, someone intentionally fucked him? or did he fuck himself on the opsec of shipping mistake? Having a hard time following this...
  10. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    I’m not sure anymore either and I followed the whole thing. Quick summary though:

    1) SymBiotics appears promising, a couple samples submitted to Jano test well
    2) Report of postal inspector paying a visit to a customer
    3) At the same time SymBiotics email gets hacked
    4) SymBiotics decides to lay low for a little bit
    5) about 2 weeks later SymBiotics returns and says he cleared out old lab and is building a new one
    6) EQ300 result comes back EQ225Deca25
    7) no word from SymBiotics
    8) SymBiotics posts to say he fell off a ladder collapsed a lung, and somehow got himself AWAY from the new lab to get into a hospital.
    9) SymBiotics is in pain and taking opioids

    We know where all this is going right?
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  11. Uglyrichie

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    Basically a hacker got a ton of passwords started ducking with sources and peeps. A package got stopped from him but know one truly now's why it got stopped. There was a infection claim with little proof dball mixed in with something else with an underdose claim. He's le, everyone is working with le . he fell off a ladder so he's lying about stuff. There's probably a few more accusations but I believe that's the gist of can't forget the shilling
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  12. Uglyrichie

    Uglyrichie Member

    What he said and I'm still disappointed we haven't sacerficed anything yet in the other thread that's on going
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  13. MaskedLiberty

    MaskedLiberty Member

    Okay, I got those key points.

    I have also been in contact with said customer that got paid a visit.

    Cross contamination happens, he should own it. I saw where he said it was impossible unless intentional.

    I do know where it looks like it is going........

    Thanks BBBG
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  14. MaskedLiberty

    MaskedLiberty Member

    What other thread?
  15. Uglyrichie

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    The name that will not be spoken
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  16. MaskedLiberty

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    LMFAO, this place is wild.
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  17. Mac11wildcat

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    Uh yeah, you can say the name. Are you referring to the claim that this is an orchestrated hit by TGI?
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  18. MaskedLiberty

    MaskedLiberty Member

    You have got to be fucking kidding me?
  19. Uglyrichie

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    Ya I was being a smartass but with the cultish accusation I was hoping we could sacerfice something so I could get evil superpowers
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  20. Mac11wildcat

    Mac11wildcat Member Supporter

    I know it was brought up. unless he’s referring to the test result thread.

    I’d just prefer everybody was clear about what they’re trying to say. We don’t need smoke and mirrors and references and puzzles. Just state your point, you know?

    as of right now, the TGI hit, the infection claim, and the g2gs/this source sucks based off test results without proof are all on the same level.

    All we have concrete is a Jano test result with contamination. That is until there’s some sort of proof of:
    -the inspector visit (not sure this is even documentable beyond just showing the pack is seized? No idea...)
    -poor bloodwork/good bloodwork
    -same batch of same product with good results (were the batches of EQ with good and bad results the same?)
    -any malicious and orchestrated attempt to trash Sym