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    Maybe read the thread a little more than page two before you blindly buy illegal drugs you’re going to inject into your body. The new email is literally only 7 pages back. By the way, before you get defensive and try to insult me back for being stupid, just know I have a PHD. (A pretty huge dick).
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    Starting out, yes. I must have missed that.
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    Fair enough, thanks for the spoon feed Mr PhD
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    It’s a re-occurring question. So it demonstrates that the person who asked obviously didn’t read anything.

    His new email is in his pastebin.

    And please don’t ask where the latest pastebin is...
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    Ok so I know like 20 pages back i was ripping hard on people for minimum orders of only 100 bucks for there cycle...but now I need more test from almost a whole vial leaking out. My original order was almost 4 hundred (pretty heavy cycle...4 compounds and AI) and now just need an extra bottle of test so gotta spend the minimum. Hmm haha the irony

    Oh yeah in light of the threads mood right now @BigBaldBeardGuy

    Umm can anyone help me with a price list, and the email, and also tell me if this guy is g2g?:cool:
    ^I dont want to bother to read one post befor me^
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    Hello all. I hope everyone had a good weekend off work. I appreciate the time I got to spend with my wife. It was much needed downtime for us both.
    There were many packages delayed last week for reasons that are beyond my control. Without giving too much information publicly; the site I shipped some packages from failed to route them to their destinations in an appropriate time frame. I apologize for anyone who had to wait excessively for their orders to arrive.
    After some analyses of my sales and processes, I have decided to make some changes to my policies and some of my products:

    1) The order minimum will increase to $200 before shipping effective immediately. I have answered and taken care of all orders prior to this message that met the old $100 minimum. This is a necessary step for me to continue and I hope it can be understood as that.

    2) I will not offer any refund or reshipment of any sort if I am given an inaccurate or undeliverable address. It is the customer's responsibility to give me a valid and functional shipping address.

    3) clomiphene is now in capsule form only.

    4) Other products will be reduced to one offering or the other (capsule or liquid) in the future. I am still tallying the sales of some things to see which version is more popular.

    That is all I have to announce at the present.
    I am grateful for the business you have given me and the trust you have placed in my ability to provide these products.

    My list is below:
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    @SymBiotics so are the orders shipped last Thursday some are on their way and some got to their destination right?

    Still waiting for mines hopefully it arrives today or tmrw.
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    Any ETA on restock of DNP?
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    Probably Friday. It is dry and ready; I just have to get it finished. I have to have everything else put up and covered before fooling with that stuff.
  10. SymBiotics

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    I believe the answer to your question is yes. Most are delivered and some are still in transit.
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    Oh man. Have a seat Junior, it’s education time. Some of you other ones in the back might want to listen up too.

    Look, you EMAIL him this stuff. Don’t put this out in the public eye. MESO is a google-indexed website. Meaning all this stuff can show up in a google search.

    And congratulations, the UGL may now be able to link your “anonymous handle” with your shipping address. Don’t be naive. You don’t want that. Abandon this handle and start fresh. Why? Because god forbid you have any issues with the UGL and you come on here to post about it, your shipping address might just very well receive a box with “Contains illegal drugs” written on the outside in big fat marker. How would that make you feel? It’s happened before here. Never let the source know your handle AND your personal info.

    Remember Karen, this isn’t Walmart and you can’t simply ask to speak to the manager to levy your complaints.
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    Got yah ma dude
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    All the FUs, yo momma jokes, and dick pics we exchanged... And then you're nice to him. You're getting soft.
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    What can I say, its Monday, I got a fat tax refund check, and I got a huge package from Noah Labs yesterday (just a joke Symbiotics). I'm in a great mood:D
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    Im jelly I had to pay in last year hopefully the govt is gonna throw me some cheddar this time
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    I think the new 200$ minimum is going to help your cause. Its still a pretty low limit IMO for the kinda stuff we buy a full cycle with pct and AI on hand will cost more than that, should free up some of ur free time to compound when you need to.
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    Package TD a few days ago for me. All looks great and will be ordering again soon. Thanks!
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    Bro it’s page fucking 2, use ur brain and look back from the current page
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    Actually he doesn’t have to look back at all because the correct email is on this page.
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    Brief pip report on Sym’s primo. Pinned 1ml vg last night. No bite at the time. No pip today, nor is there any swelling or redness. That is all. Carry on.