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  1. Tonelover

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    Package TD and all I gotta say is you better have some garden shears if you wanna get into that bad boy, Secure is an understatement.
  2. heavylifter87

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    when did you order your package ?
  3. TNotch347

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    Payment to door. No dates lol
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  4. Akuj

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    Seems pretty much the same for most, 4-6 days TD.
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  5. Tonelover

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    It took a little longer than the normal customer I’d say, around 7-8days. But he posted in regards to some lagging with the post office getting the package out, but Sym emailed me with reassurances when he didn’t have to right before going on vacation. It wouldn’t have bothered me to wait 2 weeks honestly. I knew either way I’d get what I paid for.
  6. Sayainproud

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    Be patient dudes probably one of the only guys that seems like a honest man as far as a ugl goes. if you ordered it's coming. Or if it's been a week email and he will get to you
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  7. Cthunder509

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    Yea mine hasn’t gotten here but I just chop it up to probably being the farthest out from everyone... I usually wait like a week and some days to e mail again. If not 2 weeks
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    I used my pocket knife, definitely wrapped up tight. TA 8 days.
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  9. beachathlete

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    I thought I had read about this before - but can't find it in a search. I decided to try MCT oil over GSO for PIP and I've ended up with pretty painful similar to bruising below injection site in arm. Anyone else had this experience? I thought I had read something about making sure you do the injection slowly but I definitely followed that process.

    Besides the oil change, I'm also combining primo with test prop at 2MLs instead of my usual test-cyp 1ML, just want to get all variables out there.
  10. Tiredandhot

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    How many injections have you done now with mct? Just the one 2ml above?
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  11. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Have you done 2 mls to your delt before? That’s a little high. And please say it wasn’t your bicep. Have to do the stupid check ever since my boy @Elroy Jetson thought slamming 3 ccs to his calf was a good idea.

    Have you ran prop before? It can have a bite.

    How deep did you inject? If it was shallow it can push up into the subcutaneous layer.

    MCT flows quicker/easier than GSO so that’s why you should push it slowly.

    And some guys insist that they are allergic or get a reaction to MCT. I’m not sure how, but try another injection, maybe in the glutes to see if you get the same reaction.
  12. Savagesteve

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    I can fit 2ml in my delts but regardless if I pin 1 or 2 ml a little oil always leaks out? Never any pip with what I was running either. 25g x 1” pin
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  13. beachathlete

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    First time with 2MLs and also first time with prop - yes in the delt. First time doing EOD so I’m rotating sites and usually do glutes. Trying a different site today - also using 1” needles which I have been for a year or so.

    I’ll see how this next one goes and maybe go 1ml instead of 2 for my delts.
  14. Tiredandhot

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    Yeah, 2ml for a new spot is a little much. Prop can have some bite too. I'd try 1ml next time like you said.
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  15. burkeen

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    sounds like the oil leaked out of the muscle into the fat. if it is red under the injection spot.
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  16. beachathlete

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    Great - thanks for the advice. Also TD - great communication and delivery. Thanks @SymBiotics
  17. JP1979

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    2ml in a delt is a lot no?

    Edit....Which was already stated. Lol
  18. Sitakikupa

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    Personally i pin 2ml test/tren mct with no pip. I only pin glutes. Mon- right glute. Thur - left glute

    Tried thigh once only , followed txtbook method and still screwed up. Walked with a limp for over a week.

    If i was pinning more frequently or more compounds then i'll definitely rotate multiple sites.

  19. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Keep trying other injection sites. You’ll get used to it eventually. And trust me, you’ll need new sites in later years when you’re pinning more oil or pinning more frequently and need to rotate.
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  20. Iron Vett

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    You might not have screwed up. I would suggest to start off pinning your quads with 1cc of a non painful compound like test for a while. I actually started mine out with ten weeks of trt shots. After this, begin injecting around 2cc for a while. I can now easily put 3cc in mine with no pain. It just takes time to condition the quads to injections.