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  1. Cryptotroll

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    hey guys, new to the forum here. everyone getting good results using sums stuff? seems like a lot of people on here like him. sorry new to all this forum stuff. I used to use naps and looking for reliable source that people trust
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  2. Tiredandhot

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    Do some research in this thread, and other source threads to make your own decision. Why believe what I say, I could easily lead you astray to a bad source. Take time, read some, you'll find what you're looking for.
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  3. Cryptotroll

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  4. Tonelover

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    We don’t reccomend sources here nor do we spoonfeed (usually.) Like stated above you will have to do your own research and ultimately make the plunge based on your own findings. I’d suggest reading every page front to back in the source section for any source you’re interested in and go from there, thats what i did.
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  5. BIG74

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    @Cryptotroll what @Tiredandhot and @Tonelover just said.
    Be diligent in your reading, start from the beginning to get yourself readily acquainted with a source. You will be able to realize you can then fast forward thru some pages.
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  6. You talk like you been here a long time.
    Can i call you Kyle? You remind me of this one fella that used to come around here.
  7. Tonelover

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    Call me whatever you want, Kyle sounds like a truly standup guy
  8. Good deal. You wouldn't say that if you knew more about him though. But anywho, welcome aboard.
  9. Cthunder509

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    I’ve ran tren A test C shoulder to shoulder is 2 ml really a lot? I never felt any discomfort apart from regular Pip that would be expected.
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  10. Tonelover

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    It was sarcasm, i assumed there was a negative connotation with his name. Probably should’ve thrown a “lmao” your way, lol. And thanks man
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    Man I remember getting my package and I got a short temper. My ass was getting so mad that I couldn’t open it
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    Thanks man I appreciate that! good stuff!
  13. Cryptotroll

    Cryptotroll Junior Member

    Thank you @BIG74 I appreciate the input
  14. Arch

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    It's really not. I pin delts with 3.3 with no issues.
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  15. Deadliftdiesels

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    Hey yall, transfering over from Pristine anabolics as it appears he has closed. I found the newest pastebin but how do I get in contact with the seller? His email is not available and I cant find a current. Any help is appreciated juicy bros
  16. Tiredandhot

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    Uhhh, Pristine exit scammed here. And I'm feeling particularly helpful today, see below.

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  17. Dthcore

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    Sym said he might be taking orders again today right?
  18. Tiredandhot

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    Yeah, supposed to post when he's back.
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  19. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    For someone starting out it’s a lot
  20. MarkW44

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    What’s the contact email? One on page 2 isn’t working ..