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SymBiotics (U.S. domestic)

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by SymBiotics, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Masterofron

    Masterofron Member Supporter

    Well this is a valid point. Free gear/deals/discounts are what literally 90% of people are looking for. Unfortunately the other 10% consist of people who either don’t give a fuck, are too lazy for bloodwork, or in this very rare case agree with the sources opinion on why no bloodwork compensation should be offered haha.
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  2. Tiredandhot

    Tiredandhot Member

    I agree with ya. I have to always remember a source is always looking out for his self first, always. So I have to look out for myself, and if I can save money I will.
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  3. Masterofron

    Masterofron Member Supporter

    Update on SymBiotics DNP-

    Day 1-4 250mgs- very manageable dose, light heat.

    Day 4-8 500mgs- Fucking dying. My cardio has probably dropped like 75%, I literally can’t breath if am having a conversation lol. Sweating everywhere, major heat even when I’m sedentary.

    I’ll stop at day 14 (two weeks total) and then update further.

    Conclusion- His DNP is legit and I feel like shit, my ballsack literally cannot get enough ventilation. It is drenched 24/7. Hope you all enjoy my anecdotal report!
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  4. Tiredandhot

    Tiredandhot Member

    Good to hear. Anyone who has done DNP before knows anecdotal reviews are REAL! It's the one thing that sucks to run but works.
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  5. Robfromga

    Robfromga Member Supporter

    What kind of weight have you lost? Bf?
  6. If you don't have the money to run bloodwork without being compensated by the source for getting it done, should you even be using AAS? What happens if you run out of a compound or need an AI, or need to go to the doctor because you fucked you body up and you dont have the money for it?
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  7. Oldschool

    Oldschool Member

    He has obamacare dummy!
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  8. movingiron88

    movingiron88 Member

    Sounds awesome. Prepping for a show?
  9. justanoob

    justanoob Junior Member

    The "compensation" for blood work isnt why I would get the blood work, I run blood work for myself regularly anyway. But when I see a source offering compensation for blood work its nice because it shows me that the source is confident that the gear is dosed properly and legit with every vial. And also as @Tiredandhot I'll look out for myself and get a deal when I can.
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  10. Blange89

    Blange89 Member Supporter

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  11. TNotch347

    TNotch347 Member

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  12. Horimono

    Horimono Member

    I’d like to purchase some of this from you. Along with the gear I’m going to buy next week. I’ve never needed any BP medication,
    but my BP has been 168/88 or around that for the last few weeks. HCT is high too. I’m about to donate. But I’d like to have some BP med on hand.

    How many mg are the capsules? How many mg do you take? You personally take it on a daily basis? How high was your BP? What does the drug lower it to?

    And lastly...what will you sell this for and how many?

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  13. Noah86

    Noah86 Member

    @SymBiotics does mention this earlier in the thread but never mentioned if he would actually begin to carry it:
    “I use telmisartan. I would be happy to offer these types of medications because I purchased the raw form and made capsules much cheaper than my insurance copay.”

    I personally have used Lisinopril with great success but begin to feel slightly dizzy with it.
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  14. Noah86

    Noah86 Member

    @Horimono Pinch Poke you owe me a coke.
    Literally reposted the same quote at the same time. Lol
  15. Horimono

    Horimono Member

    Old School, did that BP med arrive? You got Prime? Lol

    How well did it work?
  16. Horimono

    Horimono Member

    That’s fucking nuts. What are the chances of that. Lol
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  17. Oldschool

    Oldschool Member

    Yes I have received the order. Will begin taking it tomorrow and keep you posted.
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  18. SymBiotics

    SymBiotics Member Supporter


    Emails from me will say SymBiotics as my display name and my address is I am uncertain if multiple people can use the same display name; but today a person tried to take money from a customer by using my email address as the display name.
    This person's display name in protonmail was typed exactly as my actual email address is written; but the email address was
    This person is attempting to steal.

    Apparently, a person can choose any name or name format for the display name.

    My only email address is Please ensure that the email address is correct because the display name can be manipulated to make one think that the message originated from my email.

    I am working on some other things at the moment; and I will answer the questions from today a little later. I felt compelled to share this while I had a moment.
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  19. So many god damn low life mother fuckers out there trying to take advantage and get something for nothing.

    How hard is it to work for a fucking living and pay for the shit you want with the money you've earned? Too hard, evidently.

    Makes me fucking sick. i hope whoever is cowering behind that email address slips in the shower, hits their fucking empty head and dies with their limp dick hanging out, only to be found when neighbors complain of the putrid smell of rotting flesh.

    Rant fucking over! :mad::mad::mad::D
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  20. Cityofgrit

    Cityofgrit Member Supporter

    Apparently that same email address is doing that to multiple sources...
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