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SymBiotics (U.S. domestic)

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by SymBiotics, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Robfromga

    Robfromga Member Supporter

    Bloodwork is a hell of a lot easier and safer, than sending off a sample. 75 bucks, 10 mins, wait 3 days... Boom.
  2. Masterofron

    Masterofron Member Supporter

    I mean I don’t think there’s much of any risk in sending off a sample for testing, domestically or internationally. Easier and cheaper? Absolutely haha. Nobody can argue with that.
  3. Masterofron

    Masterofron Member Supporter

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  4. Robfromga

    Robfromga Member Supporter

    There's zero risk getting labs. I do it for my own brew.
  5. Well yeah, there's zero risk but the problem with bloodwork is twofold.

    1.) People can get bloods drawn with other UGL testosterone/pharma test and claim they are running another labs gear to get store credit. I could post bloods from a doctors script testosterone and claim I'm running Symbiotics (or any labs gear) and post lab work and claim store credit. This causes a couple of issues:

    A.) The lab loses out on money because I'm essentially scamming them and B.) It doesnt help other buyers because the labs gear may or may not be bunk but my bloodwork is going to reflect good results because it's from a legit pharma script.

    2.) Bloodwork really only works with Testosterone. There aren't really any other markers to prove any other products are legit. Like tren/Mast/Primo etc., etc.
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  6. T-Bagger

    T-Bagger Member

    That only tells the efficacy of testosterone, not all the others, though.
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  7. SymBiotics

    SymBiotics Member Supporter

    I will; but not multiple tests on the same batch of the same compound.
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  8. SymBiotics

    SymBiotics Member Supporter

    Superdrol is one of higher priority compounds in my plans. I am still collecting data for request popularity though.
    Yes, I plan to reimburse for the analytical tests on each new batch.
    The repetitive bloodwork compensation is where my enthusiasm ends.
    Well, to be honest myself, I am a bit disappointed in the number of people who require financial compensation as motivation to seek management of their own health. In no other country is this mentality present. I will never understand it; and I really have no intention of supporting it.
    I understand that many people will not appreciate this stance, but I'm too old to adopt the notion that someone else is responsible for my health; or, likewise, that I am responsible for ensuring the health seeking behaviors of others.
  9. SymBiotics

    SymBiotics Member Supporter

    I hope everyone is enjoying a pleasant and relaxing weekend. I wish you all a good night and restful sleep.
    Arise early tomorrow and buy your performance enhancing drugs here:D:D
    Goodnight to you all.
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  10. Masterofron

    Masterofron Member Supporter

    I don’t think this could have been worded any better lol.
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  11. Robfromga

    Robfromga Member Supporter

    Right...or I could send in gso with a touch of the hormone and claim it to be xxx lab. There's holes in both processes. Especially when you really don't know the person sending it in. It's the same trust factor you'd have with a source. Hell, you guys are sending stuff to Jano... He's already been busted falsifying results.

    I'll stick to my own blood work. I know where I should be, within reason or a certain dose. Of you choose to believe that or not, that's on you. I also don't look for lab credits or money. I want ZERO exchange between myself and any source ever, it's a one way street. I never ever want money or free products from a source for any reason... My hands are clean and will stay that way. This source or any source isn't my bro, my buddy, or anything. They're a source.
  12. T-Bagger

    T-Bagger Member

    And that makes sense
  13. T-Bagger

    T-Bagger Member

    Resellers like to test stuff for the store credit. There is no better profit margin than free stuff being marked up.
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  14. Iron Vett

    Iron Vett Member Supporter

    @SymBiotics how are your batches numbered? Are all batches produced from one order of raws considered to be of the same batch? Are the raws used all at one time? If so a batch of 200mg test cyp from a kilogram of raws will yield 416 vials (5 liters). Is this how you are brewing or are you brewing smaller batches of the same raw order and calling all of those batches by the same batch number?
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  15. Logan44551

    Logan44551 Member

    Meaning if something gets tested more than once there isn't a reimbursement for multiple analytical tests of the same batch? That is disappointing as well, as I don't trust test done by jano, so I would like to see multiple years done on your product to insure that you aren't doing a bait and switch. The more testing done on your products the better.
  16. TNotch347

    TNotch347 Member

    I feel like everytime I come on here and read about this guy it seems like everyone digs the knife a little deeper for some kind of money back deal. What in the fuck is going on here..o_O
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  17. Greed.
  18. OldSmice

    OldSmice Member

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  19. BigBaldBeardGuy

    BigBaldBeardGuy Member Supporter

    How is asking for incentives to test his product digging the knife in? The more testing that’s done the better it is for his brand. It’s a 2-way street. If he has only a handful of test results it’s not as meaningful as consistent good tests sample after sample after sample. A UGL with lots of good test results is going to do more business. Read the TGI thread if you want proof of that. He encouraged all kinds of testing and quickly became the sought after brand.

    More like every time I come on here there’s someone sticking up for the UGL. Remember which side of the fence you’re on.
  20. Tiredandhot

    Tiredandhot Member

    I agree. Since I was the one who re-raised this, I'll say one thing.

    Source A offers bloodwork credit, $100 store credit. Source B offers no bloodwork credit or only to the first few. Since I'm getting bloodwork anyways to check health markers and maybe to check for legit testosterone, what source do you think I'll go with? Even if B has a little cheaper test, it's better with A

    I'm not intentionally trying to cause issues. If other sources didn't offer bloodwork credit, I wouldn't bring it up.
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