temptation and striving for more.... but health should be the main goal in life

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    Great idea, but in reality I think it would end in divorce for many of us.
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    I think it's probably better to modify this forum software to send emails or SMS messages periodically just asking if you're ok.
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    Read part of this guys log and he was literally banging a new girl every few days. He's what, in his 40's? Doubt a middle aged guy could slay that hard. Probably hitting up them escorts.
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    I'm 40 and COULD do so if I didn't spend time exercising, working 50-60 hour weeks, and being an active musician. I also don't think it's possible without substance abuse, and even taking girls out for 3-4 drinks counts in my book. I've got a pretty hot 23-year old now, and I'm happy.

    Never read his log, but who knows. Maybe he lived in Manhattan where free sluts are abundant, kept his tren body, and was plowing young girls with booze and blow multiple nights a week.

    I lived in Chelsea for most of my adult life, and there are plenty of old guys who do this. Not necessarily the gear. Same thing in Miami Beach. Most people are just not aware how hot girls have migrated en masse to major cities, especially New York.

    What is funny is you do not need to have a great body. I've got an old musician buddy in Miami Beach who does OK financially, but not enough to be a true sugar daddy. Not bad looking, but never exercises. Booze and blow is all you need, but the latter is probably worse for the heart than gear.... but the two combined is a death sentence in time for sure.
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