temptation and striving for more.... but health should be the main goal in life

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  1. Interesting! I've heard many anecdotes from guys using higher doses of tren (around 350mg/week) who say that their libido is uncontrollably high, but never from someone using doses as low as you are using. Have you experimented with higher doses of tren? If so, did you notice an even higher libido?
    Have you found that there is an ideal ratio of testosterone to tren?
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    What does the tren libido feel like anyways???? I mean im not going to try it but im curious. It must affect the brain. Probably boosts dopamine.
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    no, higher is not better when it comes to libido, it might be in a short term way but it seems you pay the price and it is not sustainable then things get worse, and another thing that is noticeable is that erections and libido are completely not connected, and it seems even more with tren, you get the higher doses and you might get more libido and not be able to hold an erection, I remember having orgasms and ejaculating without an erection on occasion

    tren libido is no different than any libido, libido to me means the urgent annoying desire to have sex/masturbate, the stronger the libido is the harder it is to ignore the desire. and as I said before, libido and erections are not necessarily connected, I can design a protocol that has great erections with no real desire to use it, and I can design a protocol with great libido and poor erections, it is the happy, moderate medium where both are as good as possible together that one strives for, and at the very least have it where viagra works reliably for the erection part of things

    overall, the goal is to use as small doses as possible and stay consistent, I use very low doses, my testosterone dose never goes over 100mg a week, and anything else I use is in a much lower dose than that

    I wouldn't recommend tren to anyone, I have used a ton of it, for years, and it has changed me to where I am never going to be normal again and I am forced to use unconventional protocols now just to get ok function, but I still worry about the long term health and hope that my heart doesn't stop in my sleep someday and that my brain stays healthy and not develop some tren induced alzheimers type syndrome, but I am stuck with where I am at now due to decisions I made when younger, and you reap what you sow
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    They were probably taking a shit load of Test too....cant see how they can single out the Tren.....
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    At least you are honest and say you wouldnt recommend tren to anyone.
    I have found that moderate T dose + lots of supporting brain supps like fishoil, and vitamin d3, and other supplements give me a workable libido. Its not insane but its there.

    Libido i believe is primarily in the brain.
    Whereas FUNCTION is T related i.e. errection quality

    An old man can have a high libido but cant "get it up" and needs viagara.

    I think anyone with healthy brain chemistry probably has a libido.... although when you dip below a certain T threshold (lets say 200ng/dl for arguments sake then I think mental libido is also affected)
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    Whhhhaaaaaaaat why do you feel Tren changed you for life? I was really thinking of experimenting with low doses as.... Not TRT, but an experimental life long thing. This comment freaks me out.
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    There is a reason tren has a reputation amongst vets. The shit is poison, and fucked up many people.

    A lot of it is genetic. I'm convinced tren damages adrogen receptors in a way similar to propecia in susceptible individuals. There are many tren users who never recover a normal libido again.

    Having used it myself, you should feel like shit on it, and even at low doses, it's psychological effects are troublesome.

    I would give anything to go back in time and never touch tren.

    Considering that, I would say using it long term, at any dose, is fucking crazy.

    We've got a member on here who ran it for 2 years strait. He is a mess. Physically, mentally. My heart breaks for the guy. He has lost everything. No energy. All manner of health problems. No job. No health insurance. At least a drunk can go into rehab and come out clean in 30 days. Recovering from steroid abuse takes YEARS.

    Don't do it.
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  8. What's the username of the guy who ran it for 2 years straight?
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    Ain't nothing wrong with a little tren, it's good for the soul. AAS are like SSRIs, it varies a shit ton depending on an individual person and their genetic makeup. You look at the reviews online of SSRIs and you'll see most of them saying it either completely changed their lives or made them suicidal and a few in between. Except the extensive mechanisms it interferes with make AAS/tren even more complicated.

    I started my very first cycle with tren and I have absolutely zero regrets. All the negative sides that some experience are non-existant with me. The only side I get is getting swole as dick.

    I personally wouldn't advise anyone serious about bodybuilding shy away from the drug but to each their own. Everyone should educate themselves on the substance and make their own personal decision on their own.
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    There is some truth to what you say. Certainly, the lack of libido seems to be about as common as propecia. So, it's maybe 1 in 1,000 or 1 in 10,000.

    Do you take time off? Or are you on trt?
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    Took time off when I started. Zero issies with libido. Was still poppin' loads of creamy man chowder all over bishes faces on the reg while on pct without any pecker pills.

    I'm also one of the individuals that still maintains relatively normal testicular size w/o hcg even when my natural T is on the 200s, so maybe I'm just cool like that. To each their own.

    Like I said, this shit is 90% person to person. I know what my body works with so I'm rolling with that, although I don't doubt others have genuine issues post-tren use. Others should just proceed according.
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    Im still agnostic about the side effects of trenbolone. I believe the op had libido issues to begin with. Also, I'm not sure how to interpret the results of the study he referenced and would really like a medical researcher or doctor to review the study and its implications. So many people use Tren without issue so I don't really know what to make a out all of this right now.
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    So what ever happened to this guy? I just read this whole 46 page thread. A guy like that doesn’t post for years and just stop.
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    Might have died:(
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    That is what I was thinking......
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    Or just fuck the forum and has moved on lol
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    Since you stopped posting it's safe to assume this happened. Good example of what happens when you use tren nonstop for years.
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    I very rarely get alerts on Tapatalk since almost all the old threads I’m subscribed to are dead now. Decided to open up this as it popped up though.

    I remember FYE as a, ummmm... Well, let’s just say a fascinating guy.. lol Kind of an oddball and never really posted a lot but I talked to him though PM. Good dude overall. He treated his body like a science experiment with AAS then shared his experiences on here. Mainly I remember him posting about what was or wasn’t working for him and talking about his side effects. Good stuff for the most part.

    ^^ Happens all the time. I’m living proof lmao

    ^^ Probably not “fuck the forum” but he obviously stopped visiting for whatever reason. Glad you’re not on the fear mongering train assuming the worst for no real apparent reason at all though.

    Safe to assume he died from tren? That his heart just stopped as you quoted above?? I could be out of the loop but we don’t know what happened do we?

    Do you have any real “examples” of what happens when you take low doses of tren for an extended period of time? If you do I’m genuinely interested to hear about it because there is VERY little info out there about what he was/is doing.

    This is a guy that added value to the community. When he started this thread he was obsessed about what he was doing and shared his experiences on here without ever pushing a thing (if i remember correctly) and wasn’t just on here to get gear. He strived for health, I’d like to think he’s not DEAD like you’re saying is so “safe to assume”.

    Did you have anything to add to the conversation? I’m hoping you didn’t revive this old thread to just announce your opinion that tren stopped one of my meso pal’s heart. Don’t put shit out there like that man.
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    I haven't followed this thread for a while too, all too often long-time members who have engaged in risky behavior disappear off the map.

    We're at a point where we just don't know the long-term effects of these drugs, what the real risks and dangers are, and most importantly how to mitigate them.

    I'm personally against tren, as I've just read too many horror stories, some of which are detailed above.

    But, I would like to see more long-time members chime in from time to time to let us know they are OK.

    Perhaps an adjunct AnabolicLabs would be for a separate database of sorts be created for members to detail their history, even on a basic level, their weight, age, and promise to check in every 6 months or so to let us know how they are doing.

    I feel like my personal usage has been moderate, but now at 40, I wonder what the long-term effects are. I don't plan on cycling again, and I keep hoping my work/life balance allows me to get much more seriously into cardio as I believe that is one sure-fire way to heal from whatever damage AAS may cause.

    But let's face it - even with pro body builders, they never can conclusively say "steroids killed him", even though the number of pro bodybuilders who drop dead in their 40s is too high to ignore. We just don't have the data, and given the legal status, we probably never will. What's sad is we don't even really have the data to develop a working hypothesis. All we have are random case reports like those Dr. Scally posts.

    All I can say is that I share ForeverYoung's sentiments. I hope I don't drop dead from heart failure or something. I plan on chiming in now and again, and maybe this should be the thread where old timers let us know all is well and they moved on in life from bodybuilding and gear or whatever.
  20. i had an idea a while back and this seems like a good time and place to introduce it.

    What is the consensus on giving someone that's close to you, (wife, son, daughter) your Meso login, so that in the event something unfortunate were to happen, they could log in and let everyone know?