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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by eminem93, Nov 8, 2014.

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    Actually there is a lot of data in now saying shrooms are anti-depressive. DO NOT CONFUSE WITH LSD/ U R CORRECT.. They are also now bringing other dissociatives online for antidepression which are working wonderz... Shrooms is supposed to be a healthy GO for depression.!;):)

    Keep in mind shrooms R free and found in any cow pasture near you. Big pharma DOES NOT LIKE THIS. It also may turn out that they dont do half the negative things that paxil and other SSIRs do. So I would say put my money in SHROOM STOCK and look for convenient "Shroom in a pill" coming to pharmacies near YOU. After all, big pharma can always HOPE for a Drought... Or just break out the George Bush Weather Machine...!!! :D:eek::DLOL;)

    The savvy investor may very well look to ELI... Hint...:) (but not researched) The actual brand name will be a DISGUISE of course. You will have to be savvy enough to identify the MOLECULE PICS to know WHAT, WHO, and WHEN & WHERE to place your INVE$tment..!!!!/! Perhaps they will just flip it upside down or invert it.. LOL..

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    @eminem93 I can promise you if you put as much effort into your recovery as you do into using you'll be fine. I'm living fucking proof. My life was in the gutter for 10 years and once I stopped living that way all thy depression,stress, and misery just disappear. Good luck bro!
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    heres an interesting article.
    under brain effects it says, "the researchers noted two intriguing connections with other studies: a brain on psilocybin bore a striking resemblance to the brain of an experienced meditator during deep meditation. and the areas of the brain with decreased activity caused by psilocybin were the same regions that showed chronically increased activity in people with clinical depression."

    this article originally spotted here multidisciplinary association for psychedelic studies
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    My life will be 100000x better once I hit december 12th. Right now if I can make it through the day without having a total fucking angery meltdown I consider it one step closer
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    I have found that my single source of depression, and MASSIVE DEPRESSION sometimes is FEAR.. Plain and simple as Master Root of Evil. And Fear comes in MANY shapes and sizes. I will give you an example of where Fear has crippled my life. Absolutely crippled me and still does. Here I sit separated from spouse. And KNOWING that I love her more than life its self. KNOWING she feels same as I have witnessed great test she has endured as I - and she shined like none other / her soul is pure and one with mine indeed. So here TODAY we are Again SEPARATED due to bullshit daily horseshit we manifest onto each other, and knowing we love each other. And while our health is good & and we have so many blessings..!(knock wood) - YET - WE WASTE THIS TIME TOGETHER STILL..????!

    Why you ask. You fucking fool BBC3...! WHY...? I have come to realize that I love her so much that I KNOW if I should have to live without her, I MIGHT just find out what hell truly is. So rather than live with her in constant FEAR of loosing her; be it me going first or her, I/we CHILDISHLY CHOOSE to separate early to go ahead and manifest that FEAR. Because remember how powerful the concept of ANTICIPATION IS?? So every day FEAR makes me anticipate this unknown amount of time which can not be known to either. Thus the negative circle empowers itself unless blasted to oblivion..!! And Buses run over folks EVERY DAY...! So I would rather "Get it over with". Or perhaps try to EXPERIENCE it early to alleviate some of that fear. But nothing works. Damned we are/ Blessed in time.

    She knows it we have discussed it. Our souls have spun round many times before. It is therefore it is. SO WE ACTUALLY KNOW THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR..!!! (Sweet irony indeed)... AND ! Still we can not actualize and set that fear back under the rock it crawled out from.!!! There are other forces in play of course. They keep us DAZED and CONFUSED. Demons, witches, gouls, goblins, Evil spirits, or just ones that are greedy and gonna get an ass whuping next time I'm over there.. So these unseen forces keep us distracted which allows FEAR to GAIN POWER. Its all distraction and the hand is quicker than the eye so to speak. Still we know as even apart we are together. Its crazy.. Just a poor moment in time at best. And at the same time at WORST...!

    Mantra of the day...
    - I will elevate myself
    - I will elevate my spirit
    - I will elevate my soul
    - No power shall stand in my way
    - I focus now on TRUTH I AM of Truth
    - I AM the (1) and NOT the (0)
    - I now USE the ZERO to Define & Empower the ONE
    - I CAST OUT the LIES
    - My cheek does not turn red from the strike of righteousness,
    - But glows with the glory and power of LIGHT and PURE ENERGY
    - No darkness can blind me as my eyes are open at last
    - No false light shall Mock me as I now see clearly with eyes closed
    - Failure becomes GAIN
    - I am matter resonating in space with positive energy which can not be extinguished
    - Pre-Destined as PROOF
    - Time is NOT the MATTER
    - The Space Between Shortens with growing energy
    - There can be no other way
    - This is just the way it is...!

    Now this is just one Example of a Fear Vector which harms us daily. There are many. Many I dont yet understand. Many I never will. That is just the way it is. But we CAN understand the ones which WE are FORCE to ADDRESS. All we have to do is QUIT MAKING that consciousness blocking "taking a shit face" and OPEN OUR EYES....! Then fear becomes nothing more than a TOOL to Spiritual Elevation. This is using your worst enemy to now serve you. This is True Power. Everyone has it. It is inside all of us just waiting for you to fuck up and let that fear go for just one moment so it can take hold and cart your ass off to righteousness. FAITH my friends. It is a term which evil CHURCH has tainted us to believing has no meaning. The lies are all around us. This is NOT a religious crusade I speak of. But a spiritual awakening. Let go now. You know where your trust is held safe. You just have to go and pick that fucker up and start whup'n ass...! AWAKEN...!
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    For anyone who cares: I tampered down from daily oxy and heroin use and extreme benzo abuse and alcohol abusr. I only take .5mg klonopin everyother day for the most part, and I might have a couple mixed drinks before bed. Defiabtky an improvement. My depression and anxiety disorder is still there, but drugs were just hiding the problem and digging me deeper into a hole I wanted to get out of. I see a psychistrist now, had major surgery and am slowly improving, and am talking to a good hearted girl. Th in ngs at my job are stressful but thats why they call it work. Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel, idk. Cant wait to get fully healed thou in another 5 months or so so that I can jump back into lifting weights again.

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    It does take time, but it's a very good
    feeling when you look back and see where you came from..

    I am doing what I can for a friend who still uses Roxy..
    He knows he can't lie to me, because I been there and I will always be fighting it..

    Stay with us...
    A good girl will be a very good help..
    A bad girl could be too :) .. Nah, keep the good one

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    surround yourself with success...i cannot even drink alcohol or spend time with females or friends who booze regularly. i hate drunk bitches unless im already fucking them and life is better lifting working juicing eating and smiling

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    Drunk Bitches are the best :)

    I don't like sloppy drunk people, in general,
    but I try not to judge, because I was there before

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    1 part girl + 1 part booze = freeky fuck me in the ass party girl.
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    That's the path and mindset I'm working towards.Its hard to get out of that comfort zone..even if its killing you.I spent 37 years in Florida comfort I live in bfg on top of a mountain..its been 6 months..a hard 6 months...but its finally bringing me change...sobriety has been hard for me after cutting my self off from it all I'm starting to actually get used to this new state of being for me.
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    I always commit to knowing that life is a cycle as with no bad there could not have been anything great. A few years back when forced to descend a few atmospheres - I was surprised how freaking hard it actually was. Never thought I could get hooked on booze. The physical is there with every substance. The reality is the physical only last so long. Then you are back where you were in the place that got you to using substance to self-medicate. The real condition which you were tempering. Except usually, I have dug myself in a little deeper and nastier by the time the air clears. But it blew my mind it was so hard and still I knew I was better in that I can do whatever I set me mind to. So I started treating the quitting like a trip. A trip indeed it gets weird..!! But I consider the rush of the experience of sobriety as a wild state to embrace - A test and challenge. It of course DOES SUCK to take away the great receptor stimulation that comes along with the buzzing/using side of life. But you just have to take a break/ else there is no party to be had.

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    I've been threw the most incredibly, fucked up 9 months that I can honestly say in 45 yrs nothing has come close to comparison.I met my now fiancé 2 months before the chain of events that took my life at least 1 time I know of on an operating table.stripped me of about 30% of my size.took organs, partial removal of organs.left a scar from my balls to my nipples.THE depression was intense,and at times still can be.the stress was ridiculous.and the mutha fucka who shot me cuz he didn't want to fight me, although he was the instigator eventually walked.and I'm still going to court for simple battery.and also got a contempt charge cuz I missed a court date due to an emergency sergical procedure,(one of 6.)..,They gave me 40 hrs community service & $500 fine.I'm the fuckin guy who almost died how fucked up backwards is this shit. ..Anyway.My girl is still here due to the fact I refuse to show anyone it almost had me.she don't understand HOW I STAY SO up beat. So happy .lol she don't even easy it was to slip back into opiate addiction FUCK THAT I struggled with every single addiction in the book and that fucking addiction is brutal.I took myself off after I got tired of selling those Roxie' was easy to feel bad,wallow in misery, not a chance, I'm not putting my head is this beautiful badass chick still doing here idk but I'm glad she stuck around.she doesn't even know how important a role she played in my recovery& staying sober., we all know ya can't have a real good relationship living a lie.....I'm lost here can't remember where I was going....ahhh fuck it.....senior moment lmao..back to work
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    Depression sucks. I have bipolar 1 and when I crash into depression it is terrible. Mania is fun but also terrible. I have found a trick for my depression and it had worked 3 times now. Every time one week before that cycle begins a craved chocolate. I figured my body was craving something in chocolate. It was. Amino acids. As soon as the cravings hit I start the specific aminos. Better then antidepressants. As far as anxiety meds I think they all are all shit. They work but they destroy your brain. Not worth it. Valerian works on gaba just like those meds according to my doc.
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