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    Pats had an amazing defense last year but they are breaking up some parts and they are old. Belichek is gonna try to do it like and better then Vrabel! He wants great defense-- fullbacks and tight ends and an efficient offense. He knows he often has the edge on special teams---- Watch who he lets go and keeps.. Bill is a fucking genius.
  2. Haha, Winston was so up and down it was crazy. Some of the picks he threw smh. He got his eyes fixed though! Will be interesting to see how he fairs as well. Right now I just hope the season doesn't get suspended indefinitely.
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    Cam Newtown to the Pats? Saw an article about this move. Thoughts?
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    I am with you-- this should be a very exciting season to watch!
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    I also saw that--- I am thinking NO -- Only because they do not have much money to spend and they are letting solid people go--- Some may say--Big Deal because they do that every year But--- I am Pats fan for years--- They usually have a ton of draft pics and a few solid people to build around--- But there are some MAJOR departures and very limited draft picks and very limited cap room. I TRULY believe we are going to see a .500 team this year and a bit better team next year as they rebuild... I do not believe they will be competitive until 2022! I am watching the Bill surge--- I hate to say it but they will take the AFC East..... I will bet right now brothers.
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    I've been a Pats fan my whole life. Seeing Brady go, honestly, I'm just happy he is going to a place that will give him the respect and weapons he's been taking pay cuts year after year to never really get. Good for him, I'll be rooting for him and the Bucs
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  7. How does last night's game affect Marlon Mack!?
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    R U READY!!!! LFG!!!
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    Fuck the NFL
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  10. My fantasy team already shit the bed!
  11. No smack to talk my NJ Giants still suck ass lol. Barkley was held to 6 yards on 15 carries and was hit on first contact on average 1.3yds behind the line of scrimmage. Daniel Jones is still turning the ball over (good news is it wasnt on a fumbles) and we still can't block or game plan.
  12. I was hoping they were going to do better this year. I think their o-line is better than last year and Saquon is the most talented RB in the league.
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    Brady is so, so overrated. I cringe every time someone says that he's the "GOAT." He's an above average QB who benefited from an excellent football system and stacked talent for many years. You're going to see that this year. His lack of mobility is going to be on full display without New England's O-line (which took a huge hit this year, to be fair).
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  14. TB did alright on Sunday against a good NO defense and they have one of the best corners in the game. Mike Evans was basically a decoy. Brady can't throw deep balls so Godwin/Evans probably won't have 1000+ pass yard seasons. Instead he threw to the random white dude Scotty Miller. Brady's butt buddy gronkowski will see a lot of action, same with RoJo and Fournette.
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    As usual, the truth hurts the most. Tell em how it is Brian
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