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    I understand man that shit sucks. I definitely looking at different options. You're rite I was happy even getting something lol. There's so many fucking scam artists now. There's two I'm curious about. One looks good the other looks really good. Thanks for the chin check & keeping it honest.
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    I want to clear a few things up.

    You are correct, no one has ever not received their product. I am assuming when you say us debating the testing that has come out that you are referring to the extremely low TP and the 76% TE? and the wildly underdosed Var?

    My next question, is Angus a reliable tester or not? You are defending his tests that show poor results and are a cynic and call bs on results that are good. So yes, we would have liked to know more information considering a well known member such as yourself can not make up his mind on whether a tester is ok or not for MS that clearly is not as reputable as anyone would like.

    These are all facts. not opinion.
    Either a tester is good or he isn't.
    What is he?
  3. First of all, knock off the cpu condescending tough guy routine... And make up up my mind?? When have you ever seen me flip flop once??? Facts??? The only thing that is a fact is that you are no different than every other UGL that bit off more than he could chew..If you can find any inconsistencies in my remarks, please repost.... Secondly, I'm not a cynic, but I will call bullshit when I see it and yousir have the bob and weave skills of Roy Jones Jr. You're only defense has been to deflect... You admit you're shit is undersosed, then you don't. You're going to replace everyone's bunk, then make them jump through hoops and inevitably screwed over more than not. Don't put this on anyone but yourself. Now you're resorting to making up stories about my inconsistencies??!! You really are desperate aren't ya boy... Sit down, before you fall down... You're done here.. You know and I know it.. Yeah, you might be able to prey upon some newbs that are eager enough to send you their hard earned money, but that's about it... I was actually rooting for you when first appeared, but just as the myriad of others that came before you, you're true colors came through. Don't blame anyone but yourself,bitch. But you won't, you'll again choose the woe is me path and come up with yet another fairy tale. Go fuck yourself tinker bell
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  4. I thought we buried all the Greek mythology labs...

    why won't you just die?
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    I actually didn't think this guy was as bad as everyone made him out to be. Just typical UGL. Astro used the same source of raws which were under dosed and people love him for some reason.
  6. Good thing no one gives a fuck what you think
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    Then answer my question.
    Is Angus good or bad?
    Results valid or invalid?

    We are still around because we are honest. We set rules. if they were not followed that falls on the customer. I don't see how that can be argued with. Gear was replaced and rights were wronged who followed directions.

    Now please answer my question.
  9. good one.
    Just settle down now be a good boy...someone should be along after awhile to throw you some scraps.
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    Your the guy who is all over astro's dick; what you say is meaningless. Fact is they are the same and even showed similar lab results. Turns out both of them are just typical UGL nothing more nothing less.
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    I'll answer. The analytical data produced by Angus seems to not be accurate. He's only producing a summary page that the relevant data cannot be extrapolated from. So there's no way to be sure really. He's even mentioned in a thread recently that the 100% purity may be a mistake. Which brings all tests into question IMO.

    I know what you're trying to do and GB is right. You're deflecting. If the Angus tests are questionable, why would you have to replace product? The answer is, that was confirmed by blood work also. That's what prompted the shit storm if you recall. Even without the "MS/LC" the blood work doesn't lie.
  12. Really?? Because when Astro's source came back underdosed. He put the the guy on blast and switched. Even started a thread just to out bad raws...Secondly, you seem to be dickriding as we speak, and a source that has screwed over many members of this board no less... Lastly, I don't ride anyone's dick, but yes, Astro has been more than good to me personally, but If he should ever go down the shitter, he will get the same treatment as the rest who have done the same. Now take your non contributing bitchass back home and let the adults talk...
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  13. Look at you trying to make a new friend...
  14. Exactly....

  15. Please suck my dick
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    Astro's new source still tested poorly and he sells some chinese gh out of china which is a joke. Let's not forget his fake watson testosterone cypionate. However this thread isn't about him, my entire point bringing this up is that they both are underdosed. When someone comments poorly on one and great on another who offers the exact same shit they are in no way helping the problem.
    Titan could make a thread to put someone on blast but I still could give a fucks less.

    What part of "same typical ugl" sounds like dick riding? I am in no way endorsing him, I don't even use UGL. There will be 10 more identical operations opening up next week. Astro just happened to be one of them that you hopped on and decided to dick ride.

    Funny how you comment "let the adults speak". Your clearly senile and have not the slightest clue as to what's going on around you.
  17. Im flattered that you've taken the time to follow my posts, but clearly you have me mistaken with someone else. Senile??? Quite the contrary.. I know exactly whats going on around me. For instance, right now I'm going back and forth with some bitch ass cunt that "didn't think this guy was as bad as everyone made him out to be"... The problem wasn't even that his gear was undersosed. He could've salvaged that. The problem was with the deflections he used to skirt his responsibilty.. I would've had more respect for him had he said, we can all go fuck ourselves... But he didn't, he said he was in this for the long haul and would make sure to make everyone whole and do the right thing. Then he chose aversion tactics and the blame game to skirt the issue numerous times.. You can suck his dick all you want, doesn't change a thing...
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    My experience with titan is this, his cyp is good, dbol is pretty good, and i have a bro using his deca that says its awesome. Im not a rep or shill but titan has good products for a ugl imo.
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    Astro does the same shit. He takes the same raws, adds oil and solevents. Then he received the same shitty labs. Either they are both great or they are both shit. There is no middle ground. Likewise your either have some sort of agenda or are stupid.

    There have been some legitimate call outs in this thread however the difference being they don't have another sources nuts in their mouth.

    I believe he did return on his underdosed cypionate, although I could be wrong on this. Either way astro pulled the same shit and left others without a replacement.

    I'll repeat this again, maybe it will sink in for the third time now. I refuse to use either of these typical UGL's that keep on popping up because I know what to expect. They just don't have the connections to offer what they advertise.
  20. You can repeat it like your rainman for all I give a shit.. The only who has an agenda here is you.. Another tough guy behind a cpu... And stupid?? Yeah, Ya might want to try again on that one. Maybe Astro has had underdosed products in the past, but anything I've ever gotten from him has done exactly what it's supposed to do... Would I swear on my kids life on it. No, not without ms or bloods, but after 10+ years of AAS, I'm pretty confident I know what I'm talking about. I wouldn't spend someone else's money on my feeling, but I'm very comfortable spending my own.. Perhaps, if you read through all of your boyfriend's bobbing and weaving you'd hold him a little more accountable...