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    I want to clarify a few things and ask a few questions.

    "As far as the MS goes for the TC, what you are looking at is exactly what I was given. Take it for what you will. " TL

    We are not backing anyone, simply stating facts.

    The tests for earlier products, TP, OA, TE were performed by Angus as well, what are thoughts on those tests?
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    Fake buddy....
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    Again we are not backing anyone:
    simply showing what was sent to us.

    We have done our best to fix any mistake made by the first set of MS by Angus which people are now saying is invalid. Poor MS does not fall on us as a lab. What does fall on us is making properly dosed product which we have done to the best of our ability by compensating appropriately for all products in our list now.
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    Excuses... Poor MS does fall on you as it is your product. It is your responsibility to find a lab capable of performing the tests you require for a comprehensive breakdown of your product
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    Over the last 6 months or so, numerous tests have been performed through that lab and no one in the community has stepped forward to offer other sources for MS.

    I have been told by several vets and another lab that angus is g2g.

    That said, if anyone else with a MS in their closet would like to step forward, we will gladly offer to pay them a fee for testing.

    Otherwise, all the other mass specs I have tried to line up have been fake. Feel free to PM us if you or anyone else is in contact with a lab that will test illegal compounds.

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    Try @Dr JIM
    I think he has the ability to accept samples for MS right now. He had a thread about it in lab testing. I could be wrong though
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    Hey everyone!
    Long time since we have been here or posted

    We are still receiving orders and have heard great reviews from the tpp.
    We would like to offer FREE SHIPPING for all orders this week until Friday!

    As it stands we have an abundant supply of DBOL so for this week also it will be $40 as well.
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    I would like to remind everyone that they must follow ordering instructions on page 8 of thread, and updated price and product list on page 108
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    I just took my morning dump... Grab a fork, eat it, then die....
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  10. Still preying on the newbs I see
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    Just smashed thru two bottles of tpp and I'm loving it !! Previous test prop from a good source I was on was killer then switched to titan tpp and man i could tell a big differnece. No bloods but from my Body reaction it's going really nice ! My girl closed shop down on the pan dulce said i was beating it to death .. take it for what it is but my experience is awesome !
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    So this guy is no good?
  13. He sold a bunch of underdosed gear, then selectively chose who he compensated and even that what after months of ducking and excuses... If my only choice for aas was Titan, I'd just as soon go natty again... His business practices are for shit. Even when our members conducted unbiased tests that confirmed it was underdosed he tried to weasel his way out of it by stating that his "friend" with a "Phd" found them inconclusive. He's a piece of shit...
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    Thanks for the heads up.
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    So far my experience is good.
  16. Based on what??
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    Just a small test run. That being said that's usually how they lure you on so im still looking for more solid options.
  18. No one had a problem receiving their gear, the problem is that they sold underdosed products, made excuses for months and selectively chose who they compensated with more undersosed gear.. Honestly, you obviously didn't even bother reading the thread or you chose to ignore all of the warnings about buying from him... If your shit turns out to be bunk, you have no one to blame but yourself... Receiving your gear doesn't equate to a gtg endorsement. You did zero testing yet you're giving him a postive endorsement. The brothers here didn't spend their time and money testing his bunk gear so some newb could decide to give a bullshit review
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    You're rite about everything you said. I got just a couple things off him in the beginning before all the bad reviews came out. I had to give someone a try because my former place dried up & at the time everything seemed gtg. I didn't spend alot but in this day & age its a crap shoot. I didn't wanna step on anyone's toes. Like I said what I got seemed to work unlike the other shit I got beat on. I'm here to learn for you guys. Again didn't mean any disrespect. If it came off that way I am sorry.

  20. No apology necessary. I'm sick with bronchitis and just in a shitty mood... With that said, this fuck doesn't deserve one dime from our members. No need to muddy the waters.
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