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    Damn brother sorry to hear that. Praying for some answers and relief for her and you. I’m know the frustration your talking about. She is a nurse so she knows the battle dr’s have in trying to diagnose what the issue is. We outside the medical industry just want answers. I’m hoping and praying you get some soon. All the time you spent up there you probably could use some medication too.
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  2. TitaniumGear (TGI)

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    Positivity sent y'alls way man. Hoping they find and relieve her difficulties fast
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    Thank you. Much appreciated!

    Thank you. Much appreciated!

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    Prayers for your wife big guy and that they find the issue quickly
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    Does your wife have any history of Diverticulitis ? I’m sure they checked her for it and her being a nurse but maybe they didn’t think of it ? It’s pretty painful. Anything can be overlooked in the ER, they are human after all. Mention it to the wife see what she thinks.
    Let’s hope it’s nothing serious :(
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    Thank you.
  7. BIG74

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    No history of it. And actually am unsure if they checked her for it. We just got admitted to a room, and she’s resting. I will in the morning ask my wife and the Dr about it though. Thanks for the suggestion and support
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    Just for everyone that called me a scammer, 90% of tgi cycle I got refunded for still unused, I know I said I would post this months ago, but I'm lazy as fuck. 20190711_223817.jpg
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  9. Thought you said you were going to destroy those vials?
    Keeping them as a memento? Just inject that shit already.
  10. Has anyone experienced really bad hair loss on proviron? I have recently started it at 25mgs split twice daily and wanted to extend two weeks past my blast and transition into my trt dose with it but I am shedding like a motherfucker.
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    Sorry to hear it buddy. Hope she pulls through just fine.
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    and how does that prove your not a scammer? You’ve scammed so much I’m sure you have a nice surplus of free gear
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    No dude I taste the shit too
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    @The ole man prayers brother, i know how you feel. Almost lost the wife during childbirth, had a temp of 104 and docs thought she was going into shock and baby stuck in birth canal for 4 hours of hell..

    My wife also had a similar symptom recently dry heaves, stomach pain. The doc said the stomach flu or flu virus has been mutating and getting more serious. Hopefully its just the flu
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    Good to see.

    If you didn’t give the bullshit story about the stoppers and just came clean with a “I fucked up, used the wrong drawing pins...” then we would all move on. You know what you did was wrong.

    Doing something good for the community would also go a long way to salvaging your reputation.
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    Not salvageable at all lol! I will forever follow him and warn all sources / other meso’s not to deal with him

    #fuck you balco moment 2019
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    Bro my girl is fine. It’s @BIG74 girl that’s sick.
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    I have a substantial fortune to be had for the man who brings me Nikki Minaj’s and Cardi B’s heads.

    I’m so sick of hearing this shit in my house -_________-
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    Try my approach (doesn’t involve a sister)

    I will gingerly throw on some old slipknot, kill switch , as I lay dying, any nice heavy metal. Usually all lady Gaga and Adele music stops for about a month lol
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    Adele? Gaga? You’re talking about Adele?

    Atleast Adele is music. Go listen to some

    And I know Adele is music, even if it isn’t my music, because a metal band can cover it an it works. That’s my usual measuring stick; if it can’t be translated to another genre it probably isn’t music.