Titanium Gear Industries (domestic source)

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    Damn it won’t let me post it
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    Those to bitches hit the ugliest tree and every single branch on the way down. That white girl I wouldn’t fuck with @Anthony Minerva dick lol
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  5. Leo and Pete rocked "Hello"...hope Adele got a copy :rolleyes:
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    So you guys can see the post? It doesn’t show it in my feed. That shit is so funny I must have laughed at that video for an hr.
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  8. I was taking 25mgs 2 x daily. Total of 50mgs. One dose at 4pm and the other at 4am but I had stopped today to see if it alleviates the hair shedding issue. I am hoping and believe it should simply because it was not a problem prior to starting the proviron.
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    Yo where you been man?!!!
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    I hate that chick cant stand her
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    TGI said he would only send BTC if the were destroyed I refused to do that and he sent the coin anyway. Regardless I used almost 2 vials and stashed the rest hoping to one day filter and recrimp.

    Edit: either way if I that was a scam, all of the gear would be consumed
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    As I lay dying and TNE. Let's get some back day on. This taste took like 45 seconds this time..
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    Come one man, just leave. Titter didn't put a bunch of pieces of stopper in your bottle. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

    I attempted to fuck one up with a blunt tip 18 and a slash tip 18. Neither successful. I have in the past had a few pieces of a silicon get damaged with I dare say it, a 16.
  15. i see the video is seriously low quality, but do those girls have masks on, like fake skin you'd use for a Halloween costume?

    i'm honestly not trying to disparage them, but that level of fugly just doesn't exist in the natural world. Maybe it's just the level of blurriness? Make that, i hope it's just the level of blurriness.
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    Lol, they do look like a couple of mongoloids
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    I draw everything with a beveled 18 gauge tip and going thru over a dozen TGI vials haven’t had a problem. Nobody else has reported issues with the stoppers since. So I think it’s safe to say it wasn’t TGIs issue. It was a @balco issue.
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    Right, that is why I said "titter didn't"

    But yes, I agree.
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    How long before does everyone inject TNE? Felt oddly comfortable banging it in the work bathroom. I usually do an hour and a half.
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    Edit: I hope you somehow confused Phosphoric acid and Gatorade. I am assuming everyone including your family will notice the mistake, and once you start acting ill, they will continue to kick you while you are down