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    You’re an absolute moron.
    I didn’t take those threats seriously because I don’t run a steroid ring nor do i have tax evasion to hide.
  2. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Thanks for calling me a moron. That really contributes a lot to the discussion.

    Edit: sorry, “absolute moron” my bad. I didn’t mean to misquote you.
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  3. Monstar

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    For what it's worth, until a few days ago I never saw any such thing hence myself and I believe others asking for this clarification from you. I certainly don't recall anyone in the TGI thread saying they saw it or referencing it either nor any instances of any member saying "oh yeah, this dude is a psycho and posts these lies all the time, ignore him."

    Now granted BB has been at this for a while and you can't be everywhere at once and track who knows he's full of shit or not, BUT I'm going to offer maybe you need a new rule here that no one should lie and pretend to be a forum staff or owner...seems insane...I totally realize this...but sure stirred some shit and at least IMO caused you and this forum issues.

    Speaking for myself, I wouldn't tolerate that shit and allow it to damage myself or an asset I'd built and invested time in. Dude has obvious issues, maybe you pity and indulge him some but no problem with drawing a very reasonable line and asking for it to be respected.

    2 cents on this

    BTW things looking up some on family side. Been a shit road but hopeful. Happens in life sometimes and I've unfortunately been there before. Plenty of others have too so just another turn at it for me. Work is good and lifting when I can at least. Appreciate the concern.
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    As useful as your comments on trying to rationalize law enforcement threats. Don’t give me the feelings bullshit. We’re way past that.
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    Your 2 cents is worth fuck all. You keep saying you haven't read anything blah blah bla but here you are with you less than two cents again.
  6. Monstar

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    Useful contribution. This is a conversation between MB and I at this point because we seem to be missing relevant points in each other's posts. You are as much value to me as Ben and likely the same person. Read any and all implications into that. Put me on ignore please.
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    There is no room for rational here. It’s actually most likely to be attacked as fanboying and shilling.
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    Keep peddling your useless bullshit. It's fun to realize how much of a fucking worthless piece of shit your comments are. You won't go on ignore. I love reading just how self important and high and mighty you think your ideas are compared to some of the shit drivel you posted before. Fuck you.
    You think you are going to dictate new rules?
    You actually think your opinion matters considering the absolute horseshit you've laid out? L.O.L
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    Rationalize? No.

    Perspective? Yes.

    If OPSEC is tight then how much of a threat is it?

    Enough to justify putting physical violence out to bid? Gangbanger style. And you can rationalize that?

    You’re right, I’m an absolute moron.
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    Very plainly stated I didn’t agree with it. Thanks for asking. I would have zero issue with TGI being banned here.

    Moving on.
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  11. ickyrica

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    you might be surprised to know who I'm talking about. it's really easy to figure out who some of these guys are. Again, bad opsec.
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  12. Monstar

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    The butthurt is strong in this one. Let it flow... ;-)
  13. I guess you don't get sarcasm. Ben didn't lie, he was joking like he has many times before. It's odd that NO ONE has ever whined to Millard about it until tgi and his dickriders infested this forum. Very odd.

    Regarding your comment that you wouldn't tolerate that shit and allow it to damage yourself and an asset that you built; if Millard were really concerned about that, he'd ban dickriders and fanbois like you. Nothing has harmed Millard's forum more than this Manson family-like source. Kool-Aid drinkers. Every one of you.
  14. If it walks like a duck...
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    Says the twatwaffle that thinks he has any sort of merit to his words. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  16. Monstar

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    Go on....
  17. Monstar

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    Pot meet kettle. Ride on...
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  18. movingiron88

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    So what do you keep arguing about.

    1.) TGI is or was an open source. He should expect LE to be looking into him from day 1. So if he is the messiah like you think then his pour OPSEC is a threat to his customers.

    2.) No one is say MF didnt say some dumb shit. And no one is encouraging others to do so.

    3.) TGI committed the ultimate sin by releasing his customers info and putting a bounty on him. What makes you think he wouldn't do the same for a bad review or bad test results? There is no coming back from this sin.

    So now that has been clarified, MF uttered a threat. He doesnt hold hundreds of members personal information correct. TGI does and has shown what he is willing to do. With that being said I now hope this mf'er gets caught.:p

    So @Mac11wildcat what is your whinny as continue to argue about? Please expand on your cunt talk.

    @Monstar BB said he was a rep? Ok and??? I'm Jesus Christ. Should I be banned. Is this what you are hanging your hat on? My god serious or not who gives a flying fuck. @Mac11wildcat also says he isnt a TGI shill but we all know better then that and he isnt banned. Words dont hurt you. Gangbangers getting money or gear for retribution.will though. Also @Mac11wildcat if it's acceptable how would you feel if there was a bounty on your head? Cool right?
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    Lol you’re cute. I’ll clean my mess up if you clean up all the cum from Millard left on your face.

    honest question for ya, what makes you any different than the guy who was being a NARC and ratting source boards to their registrars. You are literally thinking about doing the exact same thing.
  20. Monstar

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    Since you asked, not at all. I give zero fucks. I'm simply telling Millard this guy has been spreading this shit for a while. Millard is aware of this and apparently believes everyone else is aware too. I'm correcting him in that I and others obviously were not and that knowingly letting this fucker run around like this on his forum can cause problems like it did here. Millard didn't like the outcome here and I'm simply saying he needs to consider his tolerance for Ben's shit played a some part in setting up.

    I had to clarify a few things from a few days ago as Millard seemed to be missing that hence wasn't able to get my point. At this point I give zero fucks, nor did I before, but I'll take the time to clarify it as he's taken time to clarify for me. More of an A and B conversation like I said before and I don't think it's top priority for either of us but communication and understanding can be worthwhile and maybe help prevent shit shows in the future.

    As far as TGI ban...well shit yeah that's bannable. Don't think TGI disagreed either, puts this whole forum at risk. Like I said before though, I've had a friend who likely made a hit list (still alive, did long stint in Fed I believe). I felt bad for him but he deserved to be there. I don't care for BBen. I think he's a tool, but if someone tried to fuck his real life...that's beyond internet bs. I'd have his side in that in a second. Granted, I don't want to know anything about it but there are lines not to cross in this world. Anyone who believes otherwise is naive and needs some real world experience (I also acknowledge I could be the fucked opinion maybe...how I've always seen it anyway).