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    Thanks for the thoughtful response. I do appreciate it.
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    I’m still waiting for ANY evidence that I’m a shill, in any dealing with TGI other than my own personal usage, or that I’m here only to make money. I’ve never told a client to buy TGIs stuff over another source. Have never sent anybody gear. Charge less than Meso’s “accepted” training service. Carry only a handful of clients. Have NEVER said in a post or thread here “you’re gonna have to pay for that advice.” Have literally zero knowledge of brewing/the business side of a source.

    I’d be a fucking terrible shill. However. I do give props when an order comes quickly. I also posted several times regarding incorrect orders, painful gear, etc.

    As far as releasing somebody’s indentity....man...wish i could elaborate there. Really do. But unlike SOME individuals here I consider PMs to be private.

    Continue your slanderous bullshit whilst simultaneously spouting righteous talk of “draining the swamp.” You’re a joke.

    On a side note; anybody wants to come talk to me I’ll DM the address. You also don’t find me threatening drug dealers though. *shrug*
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  3. Unlike you, I'm not dickriding anyone. Your comeback was weak as a girl, Nancy.

    You thought I was going to "rat him out"? Oh, no no no. You obviously don't know me. I don't rat anyone out. I may or may not take out his channel through other means, but that depends on how he wants to proceed with regard to sending you lames over here to carry water for him. If I decide to do something, it won't be anything tgi expects, but it will be something that makes doing business extremely difficult.
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    can i antagonize you into doing it to satisfy my own curiosity?
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    i just said in the comment you quoted for my own curiosity
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    Irony.......the people so hell bent on supporting tgi are actually the ones trashing him and placing him back on top of the underground....
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    So you are now saying TGI's move to hire someone to assault a former member was not solely done to protect his customers. The protection of his customers was "possibly a byproduct".

    Really. Really? Seriously?

    You couldn't be more wrong.

    @TitaniumGear (TGI) had two choices:

    If @TitaniumGear (TGI) was more interested in protecting his customers, he had the choice of leaving the source business completely once he suspected he was compromised.

    But @TitaniumGear (TGI) was more interested in preserving and continuing his drug-dealing livelihood. So he chose to solicit the assault of a former member.

    Small scale steroid distribution isn't a high priority for law enforcement.

    But a steroid source who is also soliciting the physical assault of other individual(s) is an entirely different category of seriousness in the eyes of the law.

    @TitaniumGear (TGI) placed all of his customers in a far more precarious position than ever before with his actions, especially those who may have participated, encouraged or promoted such action.

    This did not, in any way, protect his customers. But quite the opposite.

  8. As a private source you get asked all the same questions over and over again by the vets just behind the scenes because you are private and the conversations aren't public. I do understand your point (or whomevers point) as not being scrutinized as harshly when i went public, But i didn't have it as easy as being made out to be. I was bashed for a while. When it comes to bashing it's how you handle it as a source. You need a cool head to prevail. I was even bashed by some of the vets like bb69 (whom I'm supposed to be in cahoots with, lol). I guess it made a bit of a difference being the fact that I've been doing this for almost 20 years and many people knew who i was already and knew i was decent at what i do. 20 years with how many complaints? Publicly on meso for 3 years now and how many complaints? Now, i may not be jesus, but i think that shows a level of pride in what i do. I've had to deal with a lot of the same stuff other sources had to. I've been burned for many thousands of dollars in the past few years and never did i ever consider posting somebodies personal info. That is a rat ass bitch and there's nothing lower. I chalked it up as breakage. Just the price of doing business and my own fault for trusting certain people. I also had to deal with the meso mob and i weathered the storm pretty well. Shit, here i am feeling like I've done people pretty well and i have to deal with the recent drama. Point I'm making is, i didn't have it as easy as some would think. I doubt anyone really knows how hard i tried to do people right. No idea. And then some yahoo comes in here trying to tear me down talking smack about me and handing out private emails about me to everybody putting my security at risk. How anyone could talk smack about me behind my back (not you) and all i did was defend myself. I never tried to talk bad about the sources that did that to me, but i am at a loss for words how anyone could defend the sources slamming me behind my back. Let me ask you, or anyone for that matter, what's the talk like about me on tgi discord? Am i supervillan status yet? lol. I'm sure there's a bit of stanford talk over there. How often am i talking smack about anyone over here? I have way to much integrity for that. I have way more things on my mind about the situation that just seems to linger, but I'll leave it there for now. But, if i had my druthers i would be bane.
  9. Talk around the water cooler is he's fixin to have you beat up.

    Nah, just joking. Couldn't tell you. Not part of the group and have zero interest in ever being part of that group.
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    I dont get how Mac is a shill for TGI? Never seen him recommend any of the sources on here. I never purchased from TGI, Symbiotics, or Stanford for that matter. I really dont understand all the people jumping to conclusions and going down various rabbit holes with this shit. TGI definitely shouldve been banned for threatening to pay for someone to get a beating. Hes gone, right? The rest of it is gossip and conjecture with people pointing fingers at others without reason. My 2 cents.
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    Can’t Millard just remove the entire tgi thread??
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    Why would he?
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    It is prohibited to act as an official representative of MESO or to act as an owner of MESO. If @biggerben69 did that, he is not allowed to do so.

    For the record, you are the only person to EVER publicly admit confusing @biggerben69 as an official MESO rep/owner.

    Even the people in this thread who raise the issue, they readily acknowledge they were never confused. They only raised the issue in order to protect @TitaniumGear (TGI) - by attempting to stop @biggerben69 from attacking TGI and his fanbois - it was not out of concern that it would damage MESO's reputation.

    Confusion about BB is NOT the real problem. And you should know it. I don't understand the deflection.

    The real problem is crystal clear:

    @TitaniumGear (TGI) and his fanbois have made a concerted effort to create and promote false rumors that I am conspiring with drug dealers and/or selling narcotics.

    I am not missing or overlooking your point. But your point of blaming me or @biggerben69 for their actions is illogical and irrational.

    The ONLY ones to blame are @TitaniumGear (TGI) and his fanbois.

    I will absolutely not "tolerate that shit and allow it to damage myself or an asset I'd built and invested time in".

    For some reason, you are reluctant to fully acknowledge what "that shit" really is.
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    you people are literally arguing back and forth with a guy that started a forum for harm reduction but allows sources to attempt to do their thing.

    there's no sourcing fee and if millard really wanted to make money and profit from drug dealers he could and would have switched to that model long ago.

    it's crazy to me that you guys can even debate him to this extent that shit wouldn't happen anywhere else. u would just be quietly banned and comments deleted.
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    There are certainly no fanbois in this thread. Have you seen any?

    Signs that you may be a fanboi:
    • Creating a community primarily based on shared interest of being a customer of the vendor.
    • Participating exclusively or almost exclusively in the vendor thread.
    • Considering other fanbois of the vendor as "family" or "like family".
    • Unprompted praise for the vendor and/or their products.
    • Repeated and excessive praise for the vendor and/or their products.
    • Repeated back-and-forth conversations with other fanbois praising the vendor and/or their products.
    • Devotion to protecting vendor against any outside criticism.
    • Excessive willingness to overlook, forgive or rationalize flaws and/or otherwise objectionable behavior by the vendor.
    • Susceptibility to believing rumors promoted by the vendor no matter how stupid or inane the conspiracies may be.
    • Acting as an unpaid unofficial representative of the vendor by relaying information on behalf of the vendor. The fanboi does not generally receive compensation for this but acts out of loyalty because they consider the vendor their "friend".
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    why wouldnt he??
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    Bc nothing gets deleted. You have 15 mins to edit or delete your post after that it's here forever.

    Millard has already said this thread is a case study in fanbois behavior.

    This thread is the first of its kind in the history of source threads and will be studied for decades. Each post will be examined to the fullest. There is already special software in design to break everything down.

    Are you nervous about something?
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    I guess I'm incredibly out of the loop. I do recall conversing with TGI and he mentioned that people suggested to him that BiggerBen was actually you when Ben first started in that thread. Everything I've seen indicates plenty of confusion and I don't think I'm worthwhile enough to bother influencing. I told TGI I thought that was pretty farfetched given history here. Plus dude writes like he's off his meds. From my outside optics this seems like a huge misunderstanding on both sides with both alleging conspiracy theories that, IMO at least, are far fetched and imaginary.

    Regardless, I appreciate the time over a number of days especially given some issues have kept me from responding in a timely way. For what its worth everything I've said has been 100% truthful and genuine if you had any doubt whatsoever. I've always sought to avoid board drama and bullshit for a number of very good reasons. Apparently I was in need of a refresher - nothing negative toward youself.
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    you're like a chick, you always feel the need to get the last word, it goes on forever, and nothing makes sense
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    nervous?? no, should i be? are u??