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    have you ever used adderall? Side effects include heart palpitations, cold extremities, and a bachelors degree
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    Yeah but this is different because Richard Rodriguez swears that WFN was completely legit.

    Bummer on TGI never good to hear this.
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    Sooooo......TGI, g2g? Lmao.

    Most meth addicts, MOST, are skinny as fuck with sunken in faces. facial scarring is non indicative of meth use. Grow up. Look at Sammie Vail's face and neck, that dude was not on meth, at least not consistently. The fucking driveway kills me. Lmao. It was a matter of time with doing that shit.

    *Plays T.I. Dead and gone. RIP Titanium.

    Gotta get this order into sparta real quick. :eek::p:D
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    If there was meth or other drugs found it would be in the article and charges. Media tends to smear steroid dealers as best they can whenever they can. LEO stacks charges in shit like this...all substances and paraphernalia.
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    You may be surprised to learn that full-fledged addicts have run larger UGLs for much longer than TGI (but not necessarily same quality of product).

    Hulk Body Labs was run by a guy who "struggled with drug addiction and began a 'drug-related slide into intermittent functional incapacity' while he was running Hulkbody Labs according to federal prosecutors."

    Onxy Pharmaceuticals was of course marketed by co-owner "@musclehead320" but his partner "brewed manufactured and packaged the steroids—injectable pharmaceuticals—in his kitchen and basement, often while high on heroin."

    It's hard to believe but true. And unfortunate for unsuspecting consumers.

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    I've been amazed at times what some addicts can accomplish and hold together even if on limited scope.

    I knew a fully functioning alcoholic. We hardly knew he was more than a social drinker (and not a big one). Guy downed fifths of vodka all day in his car. Great job - high end at Fortune 100 company, great family man, good for community. You'd never know until it all unwound at once and he was eluding cops running through the woods and eventually took his own life. Hard to believe to this day and still it's twilight zone shit.
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    Always sad to hear someone take a fall—here seems more self inflicted, but still sad. Given the specifics of the article and the driveway photo with all the burnouts—quite clear he didn’t give two fucks about drawing attention, which recklessness sooner or later has a price.

    Will prove interesting to see what shakes out from what sounds like a warrantless search of his home under the claim of exigent circumstances. Without evidence of other folks in the household that could be inside and actually injured, gunshots and the two occupants of the home outside certainly seems to make exigency or search incident to arrest both problematic. Extremely expensive drunken night at the very least, with complete upheaval and turmoil of personal lives for the coming months at the very least—but cases predicated upon warrantless searches of homes without consent can go from sensational headlines to problematic for the state/govt. really quickly too. We shall see I guess.
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    good post, hopefully has money squirreled away for a really really good lawyer. always remember, OJ got found not guilty
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    In my dealings with TGI I never had a problem, everything always came fast and correct and he had update to date testing which you really don't see. It's a damn shame what happened to the guy. At the end of the day it's fucking hormones, too ruin someones life for something that my balls make is ridiculous. I hope the best for the guy
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    No doubt , just crazy having a lab in your house then doing silly shit like that .
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    I would think that it would have been reported if more drugs were found like meth, heroin, ect... idk, maybe a toxicology report will come out at a later time? I feel like TGI wasn’t drugged out but who really knows???

    That’s not really the point I wanted to make though.
    This is...
    Everyone should really take a step back and consider that when they order anything from a UGL that it is very doubtful to know if the brewer of the operation is on drugs or not. But it’s definitely a possibility!

    We can do our best to vet these sources but in reality we have know clue to what their mindset is while brewing.
    We take a BIG risk with every order we make. We can ask what steps they take to assure quality and sterility but really we don’t know what their actual process is.
    If nothing else good comes from TGIs or Musclehead320s downfall, hopefully anyone that reads these threads will come to understand in more depth, that this shit will always carry a huge risk.
    Before anyone decides to “take a chance” on any UGL source just realize there’s a lot more factors involved than just ordering a bottle of testosterone.

    Weigh your options, do your research to be informed as much as possible, listen to fellow members, ask questions, then ask yourself is it worth all the risks that are involved?

    We, ourselves, are the only ones that really care about our own health and well-being.

    Be smart, stay safe guys! :)
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    Thanks for that. Good advise to remember always.
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  14. Good news is the lab was in an office building, so no bath tub brew...there was a sink with a dirty rag hanging on the faucet though.
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    Where did you find this out? no bath tub brew guess that’s a plus
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    Who brews gear to sell on a large scale at their own house? That's pretty stupid.

    But I suppose so is shooting a gun inside your house when there's a steroid lab set up inside, so there's that...
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    That makes 2 East Texas Piney Woods UGL'S that have had trouble. o_O
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    Was thinking the same thing here... hope he gets a good lawyer, nothing "budget".

    I don't know Texas law but I'm surprised a guy on his own 5 acres there would get hassled and home-searched by LE over some gunshots, let alone charged with drunkenness-anything while on his own property. Throw in the injuries on the woman's face for good measure (any corresponding harm to the officers?...) and it seems like all of this could get thrown out.

    I doubt they'll give him back the lab tho.
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    Nice out look. The last part about giving the lab back made me laugh lol.
  20. It's deer season here in Texas, the chances of him getting the cops called on him for gunshots are next to none.

    HOWEVER, the police were told the gunshots sounded like they came from inside the house. Prompting the police to check the house to make sure no one was wounded or dead inside. At that point, the two occupants of the house tried to prevent the officers from entering the house.

    Judging by the way the driveway looked from all of the burnouts and shit, I wouldn't be surprised if a pissed off neighbor who was tired of all of that shit called the cops on him simply to try and get him in trouble for something.

    It's the country, people move into the country for silence and to get away from all of the noise. By the way that drive way looked, I'd wager his neighbors weren't getting the quiet and weren't too fond of him.
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