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    Lol its cool man i have moments like that everyday.
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  2. Thenewera

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    Right. I'm that guy doing he 85lb Dumbbells on incline for an 8x6-8 and this guy 30lbs lighter than me is doing the same weight and sizing me up. Feels good man
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    Lol i know the feeling. My gym only has dumbells that go to 110. Thats what i used to rep out with but now ive been using lighter weight and i get sized up by the guy who always walks around with a bad case of ILS (invisible lat syndrome) after every set he does. Oh well fuck em
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  4. Haha thanks
  5. Don't feel bad, when someone sizes u up in the gym it's usually because they are jealous of ur physique, why would someone wanna size up someone smaller than them ya know?
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  6. Right now this is my routine:

    Monday - Heavy Chest - Light Triceps
    Tuesday - Heavy Back - Light Biceps
    Wednesday - Legs
    Thursday - Shoulders and Traps
    Friday - Heavy Arms
    Sat and Sunday - Rest

    Think I might switch it up and go with the one from the OP.
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    That is my exact routine right now to except flip mon/tue. I have been focusing on the TUT op talks about. Im probably gonna follow his exact routine soon.
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    Increasing time under tension is simply another method to change your workout. Decreasing time under tension can also be a method. Changing things up works. Just don't think one change is the end all to end all.
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  9. Joedoe

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    This is a great workout. I had to incorporate the flat bench instead of cable press as I was feeling I wasnt working my lower chest enough. Other than that......its great! Thanks TNE
  10. Thenewera

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    For sure brother. Glad you enjoy it. *tip* the way to cable press is set up is key.. You're more than rightful to your opinion. But here's mine for the .02 : You can never have a big enough upper chest. The rest is being built, and is always getting more activation. You can't focus enough on upper. Don't wanna be that guy with bitch tits of muscle eh
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    I like this.

    Thanks man :)
  12. Andrew Rutter

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    Gonna give this volume split a blast! Looks killer man, you still doing it now? @Thenewera
  13. Thenewera

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    Nope, I do it more so to cut and when I'm sick of another routine. Currently in a mass stage, typing a full fledge program out now.. Taking a lot longer than I anticipated, but it's going to be a great mass based programZ
  14. Leancuisine

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    Feels like this program is coming up on like month 4 of production.

    "Get big - eat big. Get cut - eat less." - Helen Keller
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    When you gonna have your new split up @Thenewera
  16. Nat2Syn

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    Starting a new split today. What yall think?

    Day 1: Heavy * Tri/bi & Legs

    Day 2: Heavy * chest/abs

    Day 3: (Pronation/Supination ) Heavy * Back

    Day 4: Heavy * Shoulders/abs

    Day 5: Light * Tri/bi & legs

    Day 6: Light * chest

    Day 7: (Avoid supination) Light* back/abs
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  17. bdub22

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    I like it. Im wanting to start a new split. I have been hitting everything once a week. I can only.workout mon-fri because of work. I have been wanting to do a split to where i can hit everything twice a week.
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  18. flavio lopes

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    No rest day? I don't think my body would be able to handle it

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  19. Nat2Syn

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    My diet is perfect, I sleep 8-10 hrs a day, self-employed work at home, all the time in the world.

    All my routines the past 12+ months have always been hitting muscle 2x a week with no rest days.
  20. flavio lopes

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    Cool, and you are probably younger than me, hope you don't hurt anything.



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