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  1. I think its GSO (grapeseed oil) too , theres low solvent in the Domestic line (according to TP) and the Test-Cyp will turn to slush very easily if chilled . Its high-dosed obviously....I swirl the vial in hot water before use . All 5 pins so far have produced zero pain before and after the pin (next day) . Im expecting big numbers from this batch....:D
  2. Yeah exactly, we have problems about having low solvents time to time(when product stays in cold, it looks cloudy and needs to get heated to go back to normal and it worries some clients, which is %100 understandable I would worry too), but when clients inject the TP Domestic Line, they understand why low amount of solvents is better. Just like Aburaihan, no solvent, no injection site pain. Remember Aburaihan lab test showed no solvent and client who made the lab test was confused about it:

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  3. Yeah the products can be %100-%120 dosed of label, the main reason of the slushy look we sometimes have (that goes way by heating up)
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    Business would increase big time TP
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  5. tatil banner.jpg
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  7. In EU(and Turkey), we write from smallest to biggest like DD/MM/YYYY so its like a 10 day holiday.

    Will be able to send orders on Monday and Friday hopefully so it wont have much of a negative effect.
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  8. Also this doesnt effect TP Domestic Line orders:

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  9. That's what i thought. i was like, holy shit! Then i realized what thread i was in and the dating made perfect sense.
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    Sure, after Turkish schooled me...
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    Lmao that's what i said, fuck I'd like a holiday like that :D
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  12. Now we offer expedited shipping, sent with Turpex which is an expedited method of postal office. Deliveries done through Aramex, UPS and DHL (not by post office itself so deliveries last 2-5 days mostly).

    All ordinary customs and reship guarantees are valid.

    You can choose it on checkout when making an order.


    Shipping Methods:

    - Regular Airmail - 25 $

    -Express Mail Service - 40 $ ***Even though EMS costs more, we can not guarantee faster delivery than regular airmail.

    -Free Shipping with regular airmail (will be available for orders above 500 $ only)

    ***NEW - Private Courier - 60 $ Turpex expedited shipping, delivery time 2-6 days depending on country and courier (Shipping will be sent with one of these listed: DHL-Fedex-Aramex-UPS) All reship guarantees are valid for this shipping method too.
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  13. BTW please choose regular airmail for TP Domestic Line orders. If you choose another shipping method, we will add additional products for the extra amount paid.

    slide tp domestic.jpg
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    one of the best sources out there, always trustable and with good prices as well, may I just ask will you add sp tren a soon?
  15. I just have SP Prop and SP Cyp, Prop was lab tested:
    As most SP products are very expensive, I couldnt get others, thinking they are over priced but people seem willing to pay whatever it takes for them so I will try to stock up pretty soon.
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    in your opinion which is the best tren brand? I used opiox and I really liked but i also heard good stuff about sp this is why I inquire about it
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    Ever going to get aromasin domestic?
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    the problem of Balkan sp is that, they accept only orders over 30k and they do not guarantee delivery, because moldova is outside the european union, so all the packages that come from moldavia, are checked in europe. European customs know very well that only steroids arrive from Moldova. so no person living inside the EU can buy direct from the factory. But there are some Moldovan wholesalers who buy directly from the factory (over 100k / order) and then take care of moving the cargo to Romania (there are 2 customs: out of Moldova and entering Romania) the wholesalers to let the stock enter in Romania, they have to pay customs officers, and this increases costs even more.

    so there are 2 reasons why balkan / sp are more expensive than other brands:

    1 - an extra handover (factory, wolesalers, and Eu reseller)

    2 - costs related to customs corruption, to get products into Romania (Eu)

    if they could be taken directly from the factory, the prices would have been even lower than other brands (especially sp).
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    Now sp are producing new kind of tren : super tren (100 mg tren A and 100 mg tren H , total 200 mg ml) one of my friend are using this super tren and told me that it is amazing , also tren E 200 all users told that is very strong . Tren A sp is only 75 mg ml and for this reason it's not very popular..
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    oh you got me interested now, how does he feel when it comes to sides?